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10 Easy to Follow New Year’s Resolutions


If you haven’t thought of any new year’s resolutions or you just want something easy to inspire you this year, we have the perfect tips to help you on your journey to achieving new goals.

A lot of the time, we always have grand ideas of what we want to achieve in the New Year. Now, we aren’t saying that you should not dream big and have high aspirations for yourself, but sometimes we just need dial it back a bit and get back to the basics.

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Often we forget that the little things can be just as hard to overcome as the large goals you have in life. So, with list below we want to give you a few ideas on simple new year’s resolutions that you can follow to improve yourself this year!

1. Get Moving

Yes, that means exercising, but that is not restricted to you joining a gym. You really just want to be as active as you possibly can and there are so many ways you can improve your activity levels by simply making small adjustments to how you live. Park further from the entrance of the building you are going into, walk around on your lunch break, if you live nearby a shop, take a walk instead of driving, or cycle if you want. Just get busy moving!

2. Be Confident

No one is completely confident in every area of his or her lives. You may be socially unconfident or insecure about the way you look. You may be constantly self-doubting your abilities in work or uncertain about whether you are a good partner or not. Whatever your hang-ups may be, it is time you try to overcome these and see yourself as a worthy person who is capable of contributing to any aspect of life. You are a wonderful woman!

3. Listen More

If you love the sound of your own voice, tone it down. Your opinions do matter but you can learn so much and resolve conflicts easier if you take the time to listen to others.

4. Be Well-mannered

Having to deal with different personalities and conflicting situations requires a good emotional maturity that can be strengthened by having good manners. By being polite even in situations that warrant your anger or frustration, you can deal with hostility, say no respectfully, and show your warm nature towards people, which makes you appear more approachable.

5. Stress Less

Stress is completely destructive and can cause problems in both your health and relationships. With the ultra-busy lifestyles we all live, learning to manage stress will change your life. Remember if you have too heavy a load, don’t be afraid to ask for help from people. Someone will always be willing to be an aide to you if needed!

6. Volunteer

Make a difference in someone’s or somethings life. It is well known that when you help other you instantly feel better about yourself and build a different sort of relationship that you may never have expected. Give back to the community in any way that you enjoy; play with kids at a home or help clean dog kennels at an animal shelter. Guaranteed you will feel better after doing so.

7. Sleep More

Adults need at least 7-8 hours of sleep a day to function properly. Your body needs proper rest in order to function at its peak and good sleeping habits mean you will have less stress, better attentiveness and improved health.

8. Forgive

Forgiveness can be so hard to do, especially if you have been wronged in the worst way. The best thing about forgiveness is that, even if the person that hurt you does not know you have forgiven them, you at least can live at peace knowing that you will not be triggered in anyway when they are mentioned or you see them somewhere. Let bad experience remain in the past so that you can look forward without resentment hanging over you.

9. Save More Money

Getting your finances in order will make your life a lot easier to manage. Try to get your debt under control, curb you spending, and save more.

10. Take Chances

This will tie in with being confident in yourself and your abilities. Taking chances and stepping out of your realm of comfort will force you to believe in yourself truly and not to be so hesitant in your decision-making. Indecision is waters you don’t want to be walking in, so decide to be bold and do what you don’t expect yourself to do! If your endeavour fails, no worries at least you tried it and you know what NOT to do the next time.

So there you have it, ten easy to follow new year’s resolutions that you can definitely achieve. Good luck!

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