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4 Ideas for a Romantic Valentine’s Day Picnic Basket

Valentine's Day Picnic

Tired of restaurants and the old usual dates for Valentines Day? A romantic picnic basket might be one of the best ideas for your Valentines date this year. It is unconventional and there are so many ideas when it comes to where you can go and what tasty treats you can add to your picnic basket. Here are some of the best ideas for a romantic picnic basket.

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Seductive foods

Seductive foods appeal to the senses. It can be presented to be visually appealing with alluring aromas and a romantic picnic basket is not complete without it. Fruit is one of the best ideas to achieve an enticing effect. Kiwi fruit is a beautiful looking fruit and according to studies the high content of Vitamin C can increase libido; quite a fitting health benefit. Fruits can also be paired with chocolate for a romantic theme and will also create scents of sweetness.


Aphrodisiac Foods

Aphrodisiac foods can be exotic and are known to increase libido. It is therefore one of the best ideas for a romantic picnic basket. Add oysters to your picnic basket for a great exotic twist. Make sure to put them in a container with ice and add them to your basket minutes before leaving for your romantic picnic. Pomegranates are beautiful looking fruit and the intense red is perfect for a romantic picnic. Vanilla has the best aroma there is an adding a touch to your picnic basket is a great idea.


Red wine and champagne are obvious choices for a romantic picnic. These drinks combined with the gorgeous selection of foods are sure to have the romance sparking like a first-time love affair. Not a fan of alcohol? A virgin strawberry daiquiri is a great alternative. Cocktails are great as you can make them yourself and really be creative about it. And of course a picnic basket can always do with some fresh juice. Freshly squeezed orange juice will fill the air with its energising scent.


The most exciting ingredient to your romantic picnic basket has got to be dessert! The ideas are endless. Cupcakes! They can be made to look strikingly beautiful and delectably delicious. Red velvet cupcakes are great for a romantic date and can be paired with dark chocolate as a fantastic variant. Don’t waste any left-over melted dark chocolate! Cherries dipped in dark chocolate are a heavenly treat and great for romantic picnic dates.

The best ideas for a romantic Valentine’s Day picnic basket can be found using these four categories above. There should be colour, aromas, variety and gorgeously tasting treats in your romantic picnic basket. And don’t forget a comfy picnic blanket with a scatter cushion or two to complete the look. Not sure where to have your romantic picnic? A beautiful park, secret garden spot, a forest or the beach are all great locations for a romantic picnic date. All you need is your basket packed full of tasty treats, your partner and the road to wherever you choose to go.

Written by Claudette van Rensburg

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