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4 Tips on How to Fit in at a New Job

Just like school, there are all sorts of cliques in the workplace ranking from “the cool to the not-so-cool” and as a newbie, it’s all about fitting in with the right group. Here’s 4 Tips on How to Fit in at a New Job.

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When you are the new girl at a new job, there is no escaping the feeling of being an outsider. Sometimes it might be intentional and sometimes not, but at first, your colleagues are bound to treat you


Mostly, they will try and suss out the kind of person you are to make a judgement call about whether you are worth making the effort to get to know or not.

This might not be obvious in some instances as they will feel obligated to welcome you, but over time, it will become clear at times such as lunch hour or social gatherings when they have the freedom to mingle with whomever they want.

Work to fit in

When you are new, your colleagues will want to establish a few things such as:

1. Threat

They will want to make sure that you are not a threat to them. Show them that you are not trying to steal their jobs by coming in as the new favourite and stepping on toes.

2. Trust

Rather prove yourself by doing a great job and establishing a professional relationship with your colleagues. They need to be assured that they can trust you to be honest and reliable. Do not confuse this with letting go of some of your will. This does not mean you have to be a pushover and try to please them, but simply for you to be trustworthy.

3. Teamwork

A team player is always a valuable asset at work. Be that asset. Show your colleagues that you are willing to put in the work and they will respect you and your efforts.
Do not try to outdo your colleagues in order to score brownie points with the boss. The only thing you will achieve is to annoy everyone and get yourself fired right away.

4. Contribution

No matter how little, try to at least contribute an idea or something and do not rely on your co-workers to think for you. Do not be afraid to speak up, rather show initiative because your idea might be better than the most experienced co-worker at your job.

Remember, balance is everything. Do everything in moderation because you can’t go wrong with that formula.

Be yourself, be friendly, do not overdo things or step on any toes and most importantly, do your job (the one assigned to you) to the best of your ability. That’s all there is to it.

Your colleagues will make up their opinions of you in the first few minutes of meeting you, it is then your job to try and positively change their perceptions of you.

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