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4 Ways How to be Yourself in the Workplace

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You landed that job you’ve been after for a long while now. You couldn’t be more ecstatic about it, but something is missing. You’ve officially entered the corporate world where your dress code is as strict and important as your daily duties. Here’s how to be Yourself in the Workplace:

You have to behave a certain way now and you also start viewing things differently than what you used to. Corporate image comes with its highs and lows. Here are a few ways to remain true to who you are by still abiding by company rules!

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Your Personality

Don’t be afraid to showcase your personality! If you’re an outspoken person, be outspoken, just do it in a more professional manner. If you feel that you have to hide your personality, then what’s the point of pursuing something that doesn’t allow you to be you? Keep in mind, most personality traits are useful in business regarding public speaking, connecting with team members & co-workers.

Your Style

“You are what you wear” is a common saying, which typically points out why you should always dress for success and not to impress. With that being said, always focus on dressing in a way that you want to be seen. Yes, corporate means dressing professionally, but that doesn’t mean you have to look dull. Feel free to style yourself without breaking any rules, just bending it enough to look and feel like you!

Your Skills

Show off your skills in the workplace even though that isn’t what you get paid to do. This creates interest which is what you want. Let the staff ask questions about all the different things you can do, so that it creates awareness to your superiors that you are versatile. In most cases they take this as a tip to explore your talents, making you stand out from the crowd!

Your Outlook

Yes, your outlook on everything changes drastically once you are in the corporate world. In some cases it changes for the better, but most of the time it’s for the worst. Once you have what you have desired, don’t lose interest or take it for granted. Always seek reasons to be grateful and to remain humble. Once you have a positive outlook on your professional life there’s no doubt that it will rub off on every aspect of your life.

The ultimate key to success is happiness and desire to do what you love. Therefore it is important that you not only love what you do, but also love who you are when you are doing what you love. Your Personality is what will separate you from the rest, don’t shy away from it. The way you dress will express who you are, it’s all about individuality! Remain positive and driven, your outlook on anything will affect the input you give and the output you receive, OWN IT!

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