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40 Cool Ways That Will Make Life Easier! Part 1

In this two part series, you will find simple and interesting ways to make everyday things you do, a little bit easier. Try these out:

  1. Use bread clips to label your TV and sound system cords so you know what is plugged in.
  2. Its summer, which means mosquito bites. To stop the itching, place a hot/warm metal spoon on the bite.
  3. If you have been chopping onions or garlic, deodorise your hands by rubbing toothpaste on them then wash it off.
  4. If you have run out of shampoo, mix a tablespoon of bicarbonate of soda in a cup of water. Wash hair as usual.
  5. To clean off any chemicals on your fruits and vegetables, put in a sink of water and half a cup of vinegar.
  6. Clean a sticky iron by sprinkling salt on a hot iron and a brown paper bag then “iron” the iron on the bag to clean it.
  7. Clean off water stains from your wood furniture by rubbing petroleum jelly (Vaseline) on the spot and leave for 24 hours. Wipe down with a dry clean cloth.
  8. If you have run out of shaving cream, mix a teaspoon of olive oil and your body moisturiser to give yourself a silky smooth and soft shave.
  9. To get rid of splinters, lay a thin sheath of white glue on the affected area. Allow to dry then simply peel the glue and splinter right off.
  10. Remove chewing gum from hair by rubbing peanut butter on it.


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