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5 Cars You Will Feel Safe in

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The car needs for women are often different to that of men with safety and ease of driving being number one on the list. Women also tend to want agility as well as space to store belongings especially for women with large families. This makes safety all the more important and these have been identified as some of the safest cars.

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1. Volkswagen Jetta


This car is the product of the second highest selling car company (VW) in South Africa behind Toyota. The compact design is ideal for a woman as an independent lady but it also offers up enough space for a woman with a growing family. This car reacts well with sharp responses as well as precise steering making it characteristic of one of the safer cars.

2. Toyota Camry


Toyota is the highest selling car company in South Africa and would be ideal for a woman who values practicality over style. Despite the re-design from its earlier versions, it still remains a simple car with very little adornments. It is however very spacious and comfortable which gives it an advantage over smaller, slightly more stylish cars. It is a reliable car that will get you where you need to go and will comfortably fit a growing family.

3. Ford Focus


 This car has been described as easy to operate which is particularly beneficial for a female driver who requires ease of control. There is an electric version (Ford Focus Electric) which would appeal to those that are environmentally conscious. Increasingly electric cars are becoming available in South Africa with 2015 expected to see more of these types of cars. Meanwhile the regular Ford Focus is a suitable car with advanced safety features including a solid structure, curtain air bags and a system that ensures a stable delivery of power when accelerating out of corners.

4. Volvo C40

Volvo V40

The Volvo in particular is known for its safety and with this car it is no different with a number of safety features designed to maximise the safety of the passengers. For example it has advanced airbag features as well as front and side airbags. It also has brake assist as well daytime running lights and a blind-spot monitoring. All in all this car is built for safety and its sleek design makes it coolly attractive.

5. Mini Cooper


The most attractive feature of this car is its compact, stylish design which is ideal for an independent lady who fancies an attractive ride. The mini comes in various sizes, some that are family size so the size should not be a deterrent for others. It is not ideal for a women on a tight budget, as it has been voted as one of the most expensive cars to service. It is however a safe car and has been recognised as such.

With so many cars on the market from many different car companies, it can be difficult to find your ideal car that is safe and easy to drive, but a tip would be to be informed as much as possible and look up the safety ratings of your choices which is often readily available online.

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