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5 Habits that will Greatly Improve Your Life

5 Ways to greatly improve

Good habits are helpful in enhancing many aspects of your life. While bad habits easily become routine and have the potential to harm you,  good habits may be harder, but have better lasting effects on your health.

Here are five well known activities we should do regularly:

• Regular exercise This may be one of the hardest habits to form as it takes  effort and takes the longest to see results. Regular exercise is not just good for your health, but great for your self confidence. What people find hardest about exercising regularly is consistency. It is always the same story whereby you start off  exercising consecutively for one week, then completely fall off the wagon weeks after.

The best way to make sure that you get active regularly is to be accountable to yourself or others. Get a partner to help motivate you to go to the gym or out for a jog or simply get a calendar and mark off the days you have a workout. By doing this, you can truly be honest with yourself about whether or not you have been active and adjust if needed.

• Reading Reading is an excellent way to expand your mind. In fact, studies have shown that reading improves decision making, creativity and memory retention. It is said that by just reading for 30 minutes a day is all that is needed to kick start your reading habit  – be sure to choose books that will be of interest to you.

• 6-8 hours of sleep Sleep is a vital part of our life as we will spend  about 1/3 of our lives asleep. When we were children, all we ever wanted was to stay up late. Now, as adults, with responsibilities, staying up late is usually work related . There are few ways that you can ensure quality sleep , like turning off all cell phones, tablets, televisions and computers. You should also avoid caffeine, alcohol, sugar and cigarettes near bedtime.

• Don’t skip breakfast The most important meal of the day is breakfast.  According the world health organization, eating breakfast can increase your productivity levels by 20%!  It may seem like an insignificant number but  it will largely improve your energy levels throughout the day.

It’s also important that you are getting the correct kind  of breakfast. Too much sugar will get you  energized initially, but you will crash as the day goes by. A healthy, balanced breakfast is your best bet to a great day ahead of you.

• Save money While prices continue to increase and earnig stays the same, the cost of living just got more                    challenging as the years go by. Saving seems almost impossible to do, but it is something you should make top priority  when you receive your salary each month.

It is well known that South Africans have poor saving habits and it is something we need to improve on. Saving a reasonable amount of money monthly and not being tempted to use it,  will help you train you to be smarter with your finances in general.

By making these 5 listed habits a top priority, you will find that you have trained and disciplined yourself enough to make other activities or tasks easier to stick to.

Busi Nhlapo

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