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5 Important First Date Rules

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A first date is often a nerve-racking experience. You will not only be judged on your looks, but also evaluated on whether or not you are a likable person in general. It is enough to set the calmest off us out of balance. Stick to these 5 important first date rules and you won’t go wrong.

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1. Just relax

The most important first date rule is to try to not put too much into it. His opinion of you should not define you as a person, nor should you pressure yourself to be his kind of person. You might not even like him that much. Rather than struggling to be what he is looking for in a girl, focus on figuring out if he is right for you. You are both there to get to know each other. It will be a much more pleasant experience if you are relaxed and comfortable. So what if it does not work out – at least you had a good time and a nice chat.

2. Be polite

Even if he is not the type of person for you, put on your nice face. Everyone deserves to be treated with respect, regardless of your opinion of them. He took the time and effort to meet you and have this coffee, probably in the same nervous state as you are. Listen to his stories even though you are not too interested, and stop checking your text messages all the time. A sure way to lose your dignity is to be rude, absent-minded and uninterested. He is a person just like you, so treat him like one.

3. Leave your expectations at home

You are entering this first date to find out more about him – not to get your expectations confirmed. He is not there to satisfy your needs of a sporty handyman who has never even heard of an X-box. Just like you are not there to be his little blonde, cute girl who giggles at all his jokes. An important first date rule is to be nobody else but you, and allow him to be himself as well. Prepare to hear of his habits and keep an open mind to accept your differences. It will make you so much more comfortable and spare you much disappointment.

4. Put down that glass

Nervousness tends to make us chattier, so we might turn to the wine to calm our nerves. Drowning your nervousness in wine is never a good idea. To have a bit to drink is normal, but remember to not take it too far. As an important first date rule: try to get to know each other without a dominating influence of alcohol. You don’t have to do it for his sake, but at least do it for your dignity. Check out this article if you are shy and extra nervous.

5. Dress proper

This is a very important first date rule. It is amazing how many people fail to grasp what kind of impression their clothes give off. If you dress like that, you will also be seen as that. You are supposed to get to know each other, and he should not have to get through layers of make-up to see who you are. If he bathed himself excessively in cologne, you will have difficulties getting past that strong scent. If you are there to promote your personality, so dress for it.

First dates are indeed a bit scary, but remember that it is actually supposed to be fun. Keep this in mind before you greet each other and sit down; your ease will also make him more relaxed. A relaxed and happy date is certainly better than a tense and unhappy one. Keep these 5 important first date rules in mind and your date might be surprisingly fun and successful.

Written by Marte Klausen

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