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5 Reasons You May Not Be as Successful as You Want to Be

There is no single answer to this question. There are, however, common reasons why people never reach the levels of success they hope to, or do not get to realise their dreams. If you want to achieve success, you need the strength of character and the ability to think successfully. Here’s 5 Reasons You May Not Be as Successful as You Want to be
The list below will help you identify reasons why you may not be as effective as you would hope to be, and how to overcome these obstacles.

• Fear

Fear can be so completely debilitating not just for us physically, but mentally as well. If you are too afraid to go out and try to do something that others may not approve of or think you are incapable of achieving, you will never know if you could have been successful at it or not. You simply have to just get over the dissenting voices in your head and from the people around you. It is, after all your life and once you stop worrying about the fear of failing, you will find that you will have improved confidence to venture out of your comfort zone more.

• No Goals

If you have no long-term goals, your lazy and have a negative attitude toward life, the chances of being successful in anything are greatly reduced. The greatest inventors and leader all had the same amount of hours in day that you do, the difference is that, they were able to prioritise what viewed as important and never lost sight of what their goals were. So if you are lazy, get busy. If you are negative, change your outlook, think positively, and if you have no set goal, look at your life and see how you want to improve on it in the future.

• Lack of self defence

You believe that you are incapable of doing anything great because that is just how life is, and you are not gifted enough. That is a LIE! You alone control the trajectory of your success. There is no universal X-FACTOR. What capabilities you may possess, someone else may not, and you need to learn that you are special in your own way and that must be utilised to your advantage.

• Distracted

Distractions have a sneaky way of always getting your attention and turning you from doing what you need to do. It could be people, hobbies or social media, whatever diverts your attention from you being productive, find ways to limit access to them and only indulge once you have completed a set task.

• Small mindedness

You will not go anywhere career wise, if you only look at what you can do today or even next week. You should dream big. Everyone does it, and in some capacity, people are able to achieve levels of success even if it’s small, by simply thinking they CAN DO IT. We do not all have the makeup to run big corporations or be leaders to many, but whatever you think is BIG for you personally, that should drive you to be the best you can be!

While life will not gift you an open opportunity to do as you please, if there is something you have your heart and mind set on, you will have to elevate yourself over life’s challenges and WORK PERSISTENTLY to be prosperous.

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