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5 Reasons to Smile for No Reason


Ever been caught smiling for no reason? Have you noticed how much it intrigues those around you when you do smile and they have no idea why? Well, smiling is all about feeling good, so if you’re smiling for no reason, you are in fact smiling for a very good reason… here are 5 Reasons to Smile for No Reason!

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1. A simple Text:

A good morning text is enough to put a smile on anybody’s face for the rest of the day. Why? Because it’s the thought that counts. It literally is the thought that counts, because that text not only signifies that you are that persons’ 1st thought of the day but also their reason to smile so early in the morning. It’s amazing how much a simple text could do to a person, always appreciate the thought.

2. A Silly thought:

Sometimes we tend to drift away in thought, whether we’re at work or on our way to work. When the thought of something that happened comes across your mind that once made you laugh, cry or smile you tend to smile at the thought. Which makes it silly but still it enlightens you, and you find yourself smiling.

3. A memory

A memory is something that cannot be easily forgotten. Memories can appear to you unexpectedly, for instance when something reminds you of someone etc. The memory of something that once brought you happiness will always make you smile. Unintentionally you will find yourself smiling at a distant memory.

4. The Weather

The weather can set your mood, as cheesy as that may sound. It is true that when you wake up and it’s a beautiful day, you’ll be smiling from ear to ear. Especially if you love summertime and it’s your favourite season, there is no doubt that it will affect your emotions. The sun brightens up the day just as your smile does and that is why most people love summer!

5. A status message /profile photo

We’ve all had a laugh at some of our friends status updates. Some are hilarious without the intent of being amusing and then there are those sweet statuses about you specifically. These are the type of things that completely lifts a person’s mood. Smiling at our screens has become a norm, and it never gets old. A special profile picture can make you smile and say “awww!” because it’s so darn adorable or it can literally have you Laughing out loud at a hilarious gif or meme.

With that being said, you now know why you are “smiling for no reason” but actually with plenty. Keep intriguing those around you with your secret smiles. Who knows it might just get them smiling too! And a smile a day should be enough to brighten anyone’s day!

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