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5 Signs That Show That You Have Great Style

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So, what makes a stylish person? Is it an expensive wardrobe, compulsive shopping or super secret meetings with Anna Wintour? Style is something highly personal and unique. It is about wearing what suits your taste and lifestyle. Here are 5 signs that you have great style:

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You know how to put an outfit together

You know your neutrals, prints and fabrics and how to mix them together without looking like you have just survived a runway stampede. You can probably match patterns well and know just how to layer your pieces in winter. Another important style factor is to be able to dress according to any occasion without looking over or underdressed.

A casual wedding at the beach with a Pirates of the Caribbean theme? You know just what to put together. You can probably also, accessorise like nobody’s business. Whether you are a minimalist kind of gal or a bring-on-the-jewels fashionista, you know how to complement your outfits with the right jewellery, shoes and bags.

You wear what suits you

A great number of us wish that we had a certain type of body no matter how unobtainable it may be. But having great style means that you work with what you have and probably make other people envious of your figure in the process – just because you make it seem so easy! You know your flaws and how to minimise their appearance, but you really know your assets and you show them off accordingly. Whether it is your gorgeous legs, shaped tummy or beautiful neckline, you know just how to work them to your advantage.

You are also aware of the colours that flatter your skin tone and the ones that do nothing for it. You would easily go for fashion that makes you look good, instead of anything and everything that is in right now.

You buy investment pieces

I know how good it feels to get a really hot dress at a floor low bargain. It is one of the best feelings in the world! But what is not so awesome is when its tread starts to unravel and the fabric rips easier than tissues. Good style is usually marked by investment pieces that will carry you from one season to the next without looking outdated or falling apart.

These can be a pair of classic black boots, well-fitting jeans or a neutral coloured blazer. They may cost more, but they are definitely worth it. Not that less expensive clothes cannot last, because there are plenty of cheaper brands and shops that are as much quality as they are wallet savers. The key is to look for the right fabric and fit that will not have you regretting your purchase after a month.

You have your clothes tailored

Slouchy shoulders? Nope. Hems that are the wrong length? Ah, ah. Tight blouses? Definitely not for you. You know just the right fit for you and you get your clothes adjusted accordingly. You know that nobody looks good in ill-fitting clothes, especially if it means fidgeting with them every 5 minutes.

Tailoring can also give your clothes an update. Silhouettes will always change with time, but you can keep your favourite pieces current by widening them or taking them in. This season’s re-emergence of wide legged pants is a good example. If this is a trend that you like or suits your body, you can get your slimmer fit pants adjusted so you can wear them with pride right now.

You feel good in it

You actually love your clothes and feel awesome when you are wearing them. Another important part of style is confidence and when you are dressed you do not feel self-conscious, but at ease. Clothes should not make you feel bad about yourself, but they should celebrate your body and fit your life.

If you live a particularly active life, you can wear both comfortable and beautiful clothes without sacrificing your lifestyle needs. Sometimes the latest super high heels are not a good choice for your everyday life so, you rock flats instead. You will look better running around in beautiful sandals or sneakers than hobbling about in the sexiest Louboutins any day.

These are 5 ways to know if you have great style. As the saying goes: fashion fades, but style is eternal. So, go ahead and find your unique style and follow your taste. Life is too short to wear boring clothes . . . or those that are just not for you.

Written by Noma Mtebele

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