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5 Tips To Reduce Your Husband’s Snoring


Tired of not being able to sleep because of your husband’s incessant snoring? Here are some tips to help Reduce Your Husband’s Snoring so that you can finally have a good night’s sleep.

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Changing position

You wouldn’t think it but gravity can play a role in causing your husband to snore. Lying on your back can make the base of your soft palate and tongue drop to the back of the wall of your throat, blocking the airway and creating the vibrations that cause you to snore.

Why not suggest to your partner that he sleeps on his side. If it’s difficult for him tape a tennis ball to the back of his pyjama shirt. This will stop him from rolling over without waking him up. You can also sew one on by using an old shirt pocket. If this doesn’t work use a full length body pillow to help him stay on his side.

Lose Weight

If your husband has recently gained weight, it might be the cause of his snoring. This is because gaining weight can create extra fatty tissue in your throat. This makes it more likely to fall to the back of your throat squeezing the airway and preventing air from flowing freely.

Losing some weight can reduce the fatty tissue and widen the airways giving you a quieter night. So why not suggest doing some activities such as hiking, swimming or running to get him on the track to weight loss.

No Nightcap

Is your husband in the habit of having a beer with his dinner? Alcohol, sleeping pills and sedatives can cause your throat muscles to relax and tissues to sag more than they normally would during sleep.

This added with the normal relaxation of the muscles means that your throat will collapse more readily and block off the airflow. So suggest that if he’s going to drink that he does it 3 to 4 hours before going to sleep.

Open the airways

Does Flu season cause more snoring around the house? The more clogged and narrow your nose the more fast moving the airflow will be, leading to more snoring. If this is the case and his snoring exists just within his nose, keeping his nasal passages open can help.

You can clear them up using neti pot, a little plastic pot that you can use to rinse out your nasal passages with a salt water solution. Nasal strips can also help to lift the nasal passages and to open them up. If it’s an allergy that’s the problem then try antihistamine tablets or a nasal spray.


If the air in your bedroom is as dry as the Sahara then it may be the cause of his snoring. Dry air dries out your nasal membranes and throat which contributes to congestion. This restricts the airflow causing the tissues to vibrate.

Deal with this by getting a steam vaporizer or a humidifier to place in the bedroom and keep the air moist. Another way to deal with this is to fill a bowl with hot water and drape a towel over your head.

Bend over the bowl while keeping your nose 15 cm from the water, then breathe in deeply through your nose for a few minutes.

You don’t need to send your husband to the doctor every time he starts to snore. Just by following these tips you can get him to snore less and you to sleep more.

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