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5 Ways to Dress to Enhance your Eye Colour

ways to dress to enhance your eye colour

Eye colour can be dramatically highlighted by dressing according to your specific eye colour. The reflection of the colour you are wearing causes a highlight in your eye colour. Here are 5 ways to dress to enhance your eye colour:

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Know what colours suit your eye colour:

Classic neutrals, shades of pink, deep blues and lighter greens compliment blues eyes. Green eyes look best when you are dressed in purple, deep greens, coral or pale yellows. If you have hazel colour eyes, then the following colours are your complimentary colours: Dark neutrals, orange, lavender and burgundy. Brown eyes do well when paired with colours such as khaki greens, soft pinks, rich blue hues and gold.

Daytime Colours

It is not just the colours we dress in that matters, but also the time of day. Naturally due to the difference in lighting, the way we dress and colours we wear during the day will change and be different from night time. So will your eye colour. Blue eyes do very well with colours such as taupe or grey during the day. Green colours can be striking if wearing coral coloured clothing during daytime. Hazel eyes can be highlighted during the day by wearing lavender colours. And brown eyes work exceptionally well with dark blues during the day.

Night time Colours

Dress to enhance your eye colour at night by trying some of the following colour recommendations. Fuchsia is a wonderful colour at night if you have blue eyes. Moss green worn at night make green eyes look absolutely beautiful. A remarkable colour dress code for hazel eyes has got to be charcoal. If you have brown eyes try soft pinks for a lovely doe-look eye.

Make up Colour Combo

As makeup is applied directly around the eye area, it is definitely a contributing factor to your eye colour. Blue undertones can be highlighted by wearing copper or gold eye shadow. Green undertones benefit from applying purple to you eye makeup routine. Blue eye shadow is a must for green and hazel undertones.

Dress according to your mood

A strange phenomenon that is not yet clear whether it is fact or fiction, but some say that eye colour can be altered by your moods. Pick colours that you perhaps feel drawn to on a particular day and put the theory to the test. Perhaps you will receive compliments and people might just realise what beautiful eye colour you have for the very first time.

Colours are interesting and by pairing different colours you can create a dramatic look! There are definitely some great tips and tricks as to how you can dress to enhance your eye colour. By following the 5 guidelines above you will find a way that works best for you.

Written by Claudette van Rensburg

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