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5 Ways to Know if He is Flirting Seriously

Seriously Flirting

Flirtation is often difficult to judge because sometimes it’s obvious, but a lot of the time it’s more subtle and indirect. Knowing when he is flirting seriously can be tricky but that is why we are here to help every woman out there, both shy and confident.

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1. Eye contact.

Now we aren’t saying that eye contact alone means he is seriously flirting, but there are some signs to look out for. If he looks you in the eye when he is talking to you, if there is prolonged eye contact for more than a few seconds, or if you catch him staring at you, these are a few signs to tell if he is flirting with you.

2. Physical contact.

Physical contact is a good sign that he is flirting. If he leans over and touches you on the shoulder or on the leg, or if he goes out of his way to somehow touch you, you may very well have a seriously flirty guy on your hands.

3. Excessive smiling and/or laughing.

If he listens to everything you say, laughs at your jokes, is always smiling or giggling at you, this is a sign of serious flirting. These actions show that he is happy and maybe even a little nervous. Laughing and smiling at what you are saying shows that he is comfortable and at ease even though perhaps on the nervous side.

4. Body language.

If his body is facing you, shoulders leaning in your direction it could mean that he is trying to get closer to you and is therefore interested in what you are saying. If he touches his face, messes with his hair, fidgets, or shows any other uncontrollable movements, he could be seriously flirting with you. Men do not usually get nervous around people that they don’t care about, so see this as a positive.

5. General behaviour to look out for.

Look out for verbal flirting such as compliments, sexual innuendoes, single references or even suggestive comments. Look out for if he tries to find things in common with you. If he makes a point of saying that he likes the same things as you, there is a chance that he is interested in you and learning more about you.

Look out for playful teasing. Yes we know that this is so middle school, but the same rules apply even to grownups. Also look out for him trying to get your attention. If he goes out of his way to gain your attention or tries to impress you through bragging, this is a good sign that he is flirting and is into you.

As women, we all fall victim to over thinking, especially when we are attracted to someone. Do not start questioning his every move trying to figure out what he really means. When it comes to him seriously flirting we can never be too sure, so take one day at a time and see where you end up. The more he likes you, the more his flirting will show and hey, you may even find the right person.

Written by Sarah Kantor

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