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Best Ways to Put Your Game Face On

Put make up on

Just like Beyoncé’s alter ego Sasha Fierce, we sometimes all need to put on a different mask to give ourselves that extra bit of confidence.

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Sometimes, just putting on make-up is not about touching up your face and enhancing your beauty. For other reasons, it is for the purpose of transforming yourself from one thing (your normal self) to another different persona entirely (the go-getter in you).

This different persona allows you to be aggressive, outspoken and sometimes totally outrageous in order to do things you normally wouldn’t do under different circumstances.

There are mainly four types of women who tend to put on their game faces on:

1. The woman that rarely goes out

This is the kind of woman that is usually at home, taking care of the kids and only goes out once in a while. She only wears a little to no make-up at all most of the time.

However, there are the rare occasions where she has to make an appearance at some event or other, and this is the one chance she gets to let out the diva she has placed in a box somewhere deep within.

2. The businesswoman

This is the woman who has to continuously fight hard to be taken seriously in the corporate world. When she puts on her make-up, she brings out the goddess inside her, she is the one who can hold her own in any boardroom.

3. The shy/plain girl

There are those girls who rarely put make-up on and hide behind their hair and glasses. Deep inside, there is a fierce girl who wants to get out and go wild. Make-up can make this happen as behind that game face, the shy girl loses her inhibitions and let loose.

4. The diva

It’s amazing what concealer, blush, mascara, lipstick and fake lashes can do. With these products a new persona is born.

This is for the woman who wants to feel sexy and admired.

Putting on your game face does not mean you lose yourself in it, it is meant as a way for you to discover another side of you that is confident and willing to put yourself out there.

Three,two,one…go get ’em tigeress!

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