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10 Ways to be a Better Life Partner

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When asked what the secret to a good marriage was, an elderly couple who had been married for 50 years replied that they simply grew up in a time where you did not throw something away if it was broken, you fixed it. We show you 10 ways to be a better partner:

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1. Communicate

Communication is the foundation of any relationship and although it may seem simple, it is one of the most neglected aspects of any relationship. Respectful communication is the key to allowing your needs and wishes to be understood, your frustrations to be known and your gratitude and love to be relayed.

2. Spend time apart

As you know, absence makes the heart grow fonder. Time apart allows you to recharge and rebalance yourselves, as well as give you both the opportunity to recreate your identities outside of the relationship. Don’t let your relationship change you as an individual.

3. Laugh together

When you are able to laugh at yourself and at each other, you are allowing yourselves to be vulnerable without worrying about being humiliated or judged. Remember that if it isn’t fun, you need to ask yourself if it’s really worth it.

4. Appreciate each other

One of the simplest ways to strengthen your relationship is to show your appreciation for both the big and the little things that you do for each other. These actions demonstrate thoughtfulness and consideration for the other person. Don’t let them forget how much you care.

5. Defend the other

A relationship is a partnership and you are a team that needs to work together. Defending each other is about being both positive and supportive, building each other up, and making each other feel good in order to make your relationship last.

6. Be honest and trustworthy

In order to be honest and trustworthy, you need to create a safe and open place where you can express any problems, worries, uncertainties, or weaknesses that you might have without being afraid of rejection or consequence.

7. Learn to apologize

Although it may be difficult, you need to take responsibility for your actions and apologise when need be. To apologise means to reveal that you have made a mistake and that it wasn’t your intention to cause pain.

8. Touch with the purpose of nurturing

It can be easy for affection to become overlooked over time, especially with the busy schedules of both parents and children. Make an effort to touch your partner every day, intimacy is the glue to any relationship.

9. Kiss and hold hands like in the beginning

Never assume that the behaviour you have become accustom to will always be there. If you don’t exercise the muscle of gratitude and respect, your love could wither in time.

10. Give and receive with grace

The practice of giving is thought to be one of the most basic human virtues. Generosity is what opens the heart, teaches us to accept gratefully, and leads us to experience grace. Giving and receiving with grace helps you to sustain your relationship.

Whether your relationship is in excellent condition or you’re going through a rough patch, there is always some way in which you can become a better life partner. At the end of the day relationships are hard work and you’re only human, just don’t forget to communicate, appreciate, defend, and be honest with yourself first.

Written by Sarah Kantor

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