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20 Career Tips No One Will Actually Tell You About

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When creating a career for yourself, you will have most likely read up on, or received advice from various people about what to do to have a successful career. You should consider these 20 guidelines for career success that you may never have considered before.

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1. You career success is solely based on your views and work input.

How you determine success should be personal. Don’t compare yourself to others and work as hard as you feel necessary to reach the levels you want in your career!


2. Your qualifications are not all that matters.

Being overqualified can harm you more than help you. Its great to learn and expand your knowledge in a field you are interested in, but don’t think that a long list of degrees and diplomas will guarantee you a better job than someone less qualified.

3. Try not to make enemies.

It really makes the work environment less tense and stressful or everyone.

4. You should be willing to learn and contribute

Listen to everyone’s opinions, learn from others and your mistakes, and always have something to contribute.

5. Don’t just be better, be different.

Try to develop unique skills that will set you apart from your co-workers.

6. Who you work for matters.

If you have the opportunity to work in or with well established businesses, do that as if will look good on you CV.

7. Where you work matters too.

However, getting into those businesses can be challenging, so looking for an up and coming business that has potential to be great, can also be a plus to your career.

8. Don’t just look up for opportunities, look laterally.

There is no single route to career success. Diversify your talents and watch your career flourish.


9. Success is a marathon, not a sprint.

Like most things in life, if it is worth your while, it won’t happen overnight. Sweat through the pain and enjoy the rewards after.

10. Don’t always turn down social gatherings.

Even if you are not the social butterfly and hate social gatherings, you should consider meeting with co-workers or other people in your industry. It’s a great way to relax and relate with others as well as make good business contacts.

11. Praise your co-workers when deserved.

Praising co-workers is a good habit to adopt, just make sure your praises don’t become brown nosing.

12. Be honest about your failures.

Lying about your previous failures just makes you seem embarrassed or ashamed about them, but embracing your failures shows that you know and understand realistic growth.

13. Be excellent.

Being good enough is never good enough. If you want to be great or reach new career success level, mediocrity will not suffice.

14. Don’t work seeking approval from others.

You want to do your work to the best of your ability, but don’t work excellently expecting constant approval from people. Work so that you feel that you have done a great job and it is pleasing to yourself.

15. Get a good mentor or coach.

If you want to be the best you need to learn from the best.

16. Learn to deal with the three C’s – Conflict, Criticism, Causing disappointment.

If you can deal with these C’s, you will excel in your career endeavours.

17. Your work relationships will change when you get promoted.

Once your superiors have noticed your excellent work and you get a promotion, note that your relationship with co- workers will change.

18. Don’t overwork

19. If you want responsibility of big things learn to look after the small things

If you take care of the small things with excellence then you will accomplish the big things with success.

20. Learn how and when to ask questions.

Knowing when to ask the right questions will ensure that you get the necessary feedback you need.

Having a successful career that you love is attainable and with these 20 tips, hopefully you will be prosperous and share them with others to help them in their career advancement!

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