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5 Tips to Get You Considered for Promotion

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We’re in the new year and almost a month into 2017, we still reflect upon the ebbs and flows of the past year; our success stories and areas where we can still improve. This is a time when we begin to re-evaluate our career aspirations and choices and make new decisions. Here are five ways you can get promoted consistently and organically no matter where you work.

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Things have changed

One thing is for sure: we must all come to accept that the old ways are not as effective anymore if we are to advance in our careers. As such, now is the time to think carefully about what it will take for you to get promoted at work in 2016.

As you head into 2016, think about how you can begin to sell change, manage your personal brand and create enough of a distinction that you become everyone’s “go to person.” This is not about self-promotion, but rather how you can be more bold, present new ideas, create a followership, and earn the right to be sponsored at work.

Getting promoted is harder than it’s ever been. In the past, you just had to perform your job description well, follow the status quo, generate results and show support for the organization’s social responsibility initiatives. Today, you must also be respected enough to earn a voice at the table – by successfully managing crisis and change, innovating with an entrepreneurial attitude, and diplomatically navigating the political environment at your workplace.

In other words, the ground-rules for getting promoted have evolved and are not as predictable and methodical as they were in the past. In fact, every company seems to have their own formula and succession plan for getting ahead. However, there are five ways you can get promoted consistently and organically no matter where you work.


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