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How to Add Convenience and Ease to Your Daily Skin Care

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The Nu Skin ageLOC Me is the winner of The Techies 2016 award for most innovative product in retail. The judges liked the innovative and fresh thinking that created a product which adds consistency, convenience and ease to your daily skin care. We decided to take a deeper look at Nu Skin and the ageLOC Me to find out how it works from a technological basis.

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The ageLOC Me is described by Nu Skin as a ‘customised skin care device’. It is, in essence, a hand dispenser designed for all of your skincare lotions and potions. Your skincare regime, if you like. The cleverness is in what stocks up the ageLOC me, how that is selected, and how that is subsequently delivered.

Straight out of the box ageLOC Me comes with a reference set of five skincare products. After using this combination, users take the ageLOC Me Skin Assessment by answering a few questions about themselves, their skin care concerns, environment factors and personal preferences. Thus they eliminate the guesswork about their skin care needs. The test is available on the nuskin.com website and also as the mobile app which is central to the product. This generates a personal skin care code, which is used to order a custom set of products. Nu Skin tells us there are around 2,000 possible combinations, so it should be possible to find the perfect match for everyone.

Then, after ordering their customised set of products online and receiving it, they simply place their hand in the opening in the device, and a precise dose of customized anti-aging serum is dispensed followed by a precise dose of day or night moisturisers. The device also automatically reminds them when the products should be taken thanks to a flashing light. The customer can retake the assessment if his or her needs change or to adapt to location, season, weather and so on, and thus order another customised set of products suiting his or her needs at the right time.

Basically, the customer goes to the ageLOC dispenser, and gets the correct face cream every time. They are then prompted to take their dose at the optimum time.

At any time customers can access further information about their product experience via various deliverables and channels (website page, targeted email campaigns, social media, and more).

This is an exerpt, to see the full article by Matt Egan, go to “Nu Skin’s ageLOC Me uses third-platform tech to improve your skin”

ageLOC Me info – http://tinyurl.com/swnALME

Skin Assessment app Google – http://tinyurl.com/swngoogle-agelocme-emea

Skin Assessment app Apple – http://tinyurl.com/swnapple-agelocme-emea

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