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How to Perfect the Daytime Smoky Eye

Daytime Smoky Eye

The smoky eye-look is quite the popular look for eye makeup and can create a beautifully dramatic look. It is a sexy and sophisticated eye technique that is perfect for almost every occasion, but perfecting the art thereof is often a lot easier said than done. Here is a guide on how to perfect the daytime smoky eye techniques for your eye shape.

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A 4 Step Quick Guide on How to Perfect the Daytime Smoky Eye

1. Flawless canvass

The first and foremost job is to create a flawless and unblemished canvas. Foundation and concealer will be needed to smooth out any blemishes and/or discolouration on your skin. Remember to concentrate on the under eye dark-circle area as this creates a huge improvement in skin tone. Now finish the entire eye off with a flesh-toned cream base. Now we get to the interesting part which is adding colour.




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