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De-Clutter Your Clutter in 5 Easy Steps!


We all hate to admit our homes can be a mess sometimes. Not because we don’t take care of it or clean it, but purely because it takes a lot of time to literally clear out piles of clutter. Here’s how to De-Clutter Your Clutter in 5 Easy Steps! 

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Some people spring clean 2-4 times a year. It’s hardly enough to keep all the junk in the trunk though, which is why I have a few solutions to decrease the clutter and the stress of getting rid of it.

• Bag it

Use a garbage bag and go through all the rooms in your house. Fill the bag with whatever you find is not needed. It’s a simple and easy way to get rid of most of your clutter without waiting to spring clean. Do this on a regular basis. You might find items to donate or sell, put that in a specific basket while doing your rounds.

• Box it

Fill a box with special and undecided items. These are the things you will either end up recycling by doing some DIY or donating ,or even selling. But for the moment it’s in the “Maybe box” so you still have time to figure out what you will do with it.

• Time it

Time yourself, how long it takes you to do a round in all the rooms. See how much time you spend in each room every time you clear it out. Try doing rounds at least once a week, to avoid clutter from piling up.

• Select it

Be selective of which rooms you’ll be raiding, one week do the kitchen and bathroom. The next week go for the bedrooms and lounge. Also remember to not only be selective of the areas of the house which you are clearing, but also the tangibles. Clearing out the closets in rooms, counters in the kitchen or the racks in the bathroom. Be precise about what you are clearing out and how you go about it.

• Sell it

And last but not least remember the Maybe box you kept aside? Keep filling that up with the undecided items. The rest you see no need for can be sold, make a buck or two off the items you are ready to part with. Yes, clothing and so forth will be donated to charity. The rest of those undecided items could turn out to be your best DIY crafting you ever did! And who knows there might even be people out there that will buy that too!

Now that you see how easy and convenient it can be to de-clutter, what are you waiting for? It’s a way of giving back, revamping your home, making some money and clearing out the old and starting afresh! Start today and throw the clutter away.

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