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How to Deal With Back to School Blues

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As schools begin to reopen this week in some parts of the country, the nervous excitement of beginning a new year at school brings about a flurry of emotions in both you and your child.

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The change in pace from the relaxation of the summer holidays to the rigorous rush of the back to school run puts loads of pressure on both parents and children. While you may have worries of your own concerning your children such as school fees, their safety and new pressures that come with progressing to a higher grade, your children too will have concerns of their own.

As a parent, you need to make sure that you help address these issues and find positive ways to ease you children into a new school year.

Here are a few tips on how you can deal with back to school blues:

Talk To Your Children

Before school starts, try to talk to your children about any fears they may have about starting a new year in school. If your child is going to a new school, ask them about what worries they may have so that they won’t feel alone or scared about how to cope with change. Ask them what they look forward to and really emphasize the positives they have mentioned to you.

Always Offer Help

While older children might not want their parents’ involvement with school, try to let your child know that you are willing to help in any way. Inform them that if they seek any professional help from tutors or therapists, you will do what you can to help them if they really need it. Younger children will most likely always ask for help with schoolwork so when they do approach you, be inviting and encourage them to ask more often.

You can also assist your children by forming a routine that they can get used to so that they can get into the habit of prioritising and learning how to complete tasks in a timely manner.

Learn With Your Kids

Get to know you children’s teachers and the subject they will be taking. By knowing what your child will be dealing with academically, you can get organised to make sure that they can complete and excel in all their school tasks.

Be Supportive

Children will react to new environments differently and no matter how much you want to show them the “right way” to deal with change, you just need to allow them to experience life and figure things out in their own way. Listen and support the things they say and want to do in school and always make sure that you reassure them. Try not making them more anxious by nagging and asking too many questions no matter how good your intentions may be. Progressing is daunting for everyone and your children needs to know that they will have a good support system at home to build their confidence.

Ultimately, the back to school blues can be difficult but exciting to go through and the best way to deal with it is to be prepared in every way possible. Empathize with your children and be enthusiastic about starting the new school year but more than anything love your kids and have fun.

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