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How to Decorate a Wall

decorate wall

There’s always that one space in your home that you’re not completely sure about. A wall space that you’re undecided on what to do with it so you’ve left it as it is. Decorating your home takes time and consideration. As a busy woman balancing her life it’s sometimes hard to find some décor inspiration that you’ll love. Here are few tips on how to decorate that dreaded wall space:

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decorate wall

Photo frames

Making photo collages or using frames without a focal point is a “no no”! Rather select a theme for your photos. Perhaps print your photos in black and white or choose a specific event that is dear to you. This will help create a flow with the photos and can tell a story to your guests.

With the frames to match your décor and the photos selected, you decide the sequence to hang the frames. A uniformed block sequence or variety of frame sizes.

decorate wall

Wall prints

There are no rules that walls are only for photos. You can use your favourite wall prints or even wooden letters. It really depends on your style, it’s your wall your decision. Be sure to incorporate colour scheme of your home or keep it a neutral colour.

decorate wall

Floating shelves

If committing to “nails in the wall” is a problem for you because you get bored easily. I suggest floating shelves. You can decorate it with a quirky ceramic and then stack your wall prints or photo frames. This way if you want to change the look, you merely swop the frames out with new ones! There’s no need for you to patch up holes in your walls.

decorate wall

Vinyl stickers

An easier option to decorate your wall is to use a vinyl sticker. It easy to apply and it won’t damage the wall which is great if you’re renting. There’s a variety to choose from like inspirational quotes to cutesy trees. It’s really your decision on what to choose.

Now that dreaded wall space that you’ve avoided to decorate for so long can finally be tackled. The only decision you’ll have to make now is to choose which option you love more here.
Happy decorating!

Written by Nikita Camacho    www.heartsinhershoes.co.za     Instagram and Twitter: @heartnikita

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