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Detoxify, Cleanse & Replenish First


The job of a physician is to improve a patients’ physical condition and move them toward better health in a short period of time.  Immediate success is vital because these patients want to clear up their conditions and understand the mystery of health as quickly as possible,


and if they can achieve noticeable improvement within a week to ten days, they feel they are on the right track.

After years of trial and error with many different methods, I concluded that the best way to accomplish this is with a good detoxification, cleansing and replenishment program.  Most people have many pounds of toxins, poisons and putrefied food lodged in their intestines.  In addition to this they are missing so many nutrients that the liver cannot effectively remove the poisons and toxins that are affecting the body.  With these two factors not corrected, most people’s bodies are like toxic waste dumps.  It never fails to amaze me how full of harmful “sludge” people’s bodies are.

In most situations where a person has had any body trouble for longer than a couple of months, the body is usually very toxic in the liver, intestine and bloodstream. What I have found is that if the body is toxic, that toxicity has to be handled first before any other therapy will work.

Until this mess is cleaned up, you may have difficulty improving your health regardless of how hard you try and how good the program is.  We have a large percentage of our patients cleanse their intestine and detoxify their liver as their first step.  Detoxification and cleansing is without a doubt the best starting point anyone can take to get themselves moving in the direction of health.  After completing this, my patients find it much easier to follow the rest of their health or weight loss program.

One of the most significant sources of toxicity is foods that a person has some negative reaction or allergy to.  I have found that these common foods, listed below, must be eliminated for a period of time so the system can cleanse itself or long term weight loss and health are all but impossible.  To accomplish a true detoxification you must use a product that is COMPLETELY AND TOTALLY free of common food allergies.  This product must not contain wheat, dairy, soy, whey, yeast, corn, gluten, lactose, high fructose corn syrup, sugar, artificial flavors, preservatives, etc.  Any product that has even the tiniest amount of these substances will set you up for a very big loss a few months down the road and you will find all your hard work wasted.

The main reasons why detoxification, cleansing and replenishment are important are:

1.  It removes the “sludge” from the intestine that is preventing the absorption of nutrients.
2.  It replenishes your overall nutrient pool as quickly as possible.
3.  It specifically addresses and rejuvenates the liver by replenishing the nutrients it needs to handle the buildup of toxins inside your body.
4.  It allows the intestinal tract to rest because it doesn’t have to process several meals a day or substances that are toxic or allergenic.
5.  The Total Shake is designed to stimulate the intestine so that it will push out the poisons, toxins and undigested food particles that are putrefying inside the intestine.
6.  It stops the toxins from leaking into the blood stream through the sludge-filled intestine.
7.  The body starts to produce its own enzymes to properly break down the food when it is in the stomach.
8.  All of the above points jumpstart the healing process.

There are many other benefits from cleansing your intestine and detoxifying your liver.

1.  Most people save money on their supplements because after doing a complete cleanse, they usually require fewer supplements than were needed before the detox.
2.  It jump-starts the metabolism, and you get a boost of energy sooner than if you don’t detox.
3.  Within 10 days you will lose weight, feel brighter, have much more energy and sleep better.
4.  You will also notice that irritability and emotional swings can be lessened dramatically.

How do you know if you’re toxic?
There are several indicators of toxicity, and their severity helps you know how bad the problem is.
Some are:
1.   Darkness around the eyes and temples.
2.   Fatigue or sudden lack of energy or shortness of breath.
3.   Irritability.
4.   Indigestion or heartburn.
5.   Numbness or swelling in the hands or ankles.
6.   Itchy or dry skin.
7.   Headaches that don’t go away easily.
8.   Very odorous stool.
9.   Loss of attention span or flightiness.
10. Emotional or dramatic outbursts.
11. High cholesterol.
12. High blood pressure.

It has been my experience that any good health program starts with a very effective intestinal cleansing and liver detoxifying program.  Once this step is complete, you are ready to move to the next level and continue on the road to a better life and better health.

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