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Don’t Let Your Dream Life Get Away

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As children we are often asked what we dream of becoming when we get older. But once we grow up, people stop asking that question. Are you living your dream life right now? If the answer is no, follow this advice and seize the day by not letting your dream life get away.

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1. Listen To Your Heart

If you listen close enough, you’ll know exactly what your heart desires. That is the first step. Forget about what you should be doing according to society and dare to dream. Listen to your gut instincts, they will lead you in the right direction.

2. Have a Clear Vision

So you have a dream, now what? Set up a vision for your life. Take your dream and transform it into a clear, concise goal. Along with this vision, create a mission for yourself. Anybody can have a dream – the trick is achieving it is by having a plan of action.

3. Don’t Wait

Life is too short to put your dream life on hold any longer. Set achievable time frames to achieve your dream life, starting from today. If you keep waiting around for ‘someday, you will find yourself looking back with regret.

4. Loose the Safety Nets

We all have safety nets that guard us in our comfort zones. You need to loose these in order to take a leap of faith for your dream life. Abandoning your comfort zone is the moment you really start living.

5. Stop Worrying About the Resources

Attaining the resources you think you need can be a futile task. Instead, focus on the resources that you have at your disposal and make the very best of those. A lack of resources is often the birthplace of creativity and innovation.

6. Be Open to Help

Be open to help from others. Receiving help, regardless of how much, can prove invaluable in getting on track to live your dream life. Ask for it when you need it and accept it when it is offered. Let the spirit of ubuntu guide you.

7. Seek Opportunities

Seek opportunities that could help you live your dream life. This requires openness, dedication and effort. When you capitalise on opportunities, they change the course of your life for better. Aim to take threats and transform them into opportunities.

 8. Be Courageous

Be courageous in your quest to living the life of your dreams. Although we may not always possess this trait, it helps to embody it: fake it until you make it. Courage is the fuel that will propel you towards your dreams.

Don’t let your dream life get away! Go after your dreams, starting today. When in doubt, follow this advice. Nothing can stop you from living the life you have always dreamed of for yourself.

Written by Shannon Correia

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