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Do You Have Enough Time?


Time is a topic we spend discussing almost every day – it is essential to our everyday life. Yet the application of effective time management skills is something we find problematic to accomplish.
“Time is what we want most, but what we use worst.” William Penn

Studies conducted by Dr Donald E. Wetmore suggests that the typical working person spends no more than two minutes per day communicating meaningfully with their partner. The study further reveals that the average working person spends about 30 seconds or less in meaningful conversations with their children.

These are shocking statistics that necessitates for serious intervention as far as our time management skills are concerned. Let’s look at four slightly unrelated themes about the issues we have with time.

Family Time

This has got to be the most important area in which time seems to fail us. Or is it merely how we choose to spend the time we are given that is disadvantageous? There is in reality a fairly easy solution to our first problem. Family dinners have become increasing scarce. It seems most members of the family opt to watch television while having dinner.

A simple activity – but the power thereof is severely understated. This is a time that should be set out for the family to talk and actively engage with one another. Taking the time to have dinner at the dinner table can be hugely beneficial to your children. A recent American study proved that children who have regular family dinners have lower rates of depression, substance abuse and teen pregnancy.

Valuable family dinners can also increase their self-esteem and grades at school  Now that is time well spent.

Write that down!

There is so much to think of in a day, we cannot remember exactly what to do at a specific time – all the time. At some point we will fail to recall something. Your brain is a very detailed system. When you are writing, your brain makes a more concrete connection between what you are writing and your recollection thereof. Hence taking the time to write your daily commitments down may help you to spend your time more effectively.

We over commit

We live in a fast paced world with so much to do and such little time! But it is exactly the view we have of time that causes us to over commit and hopelessly fail at effective time management. The truth is you can really only do that much.

A diary will not only allow you to write everything down but gives you a guideline of realistically how much you can accomplish in one day.

Overcommitting is not only trying to achieve the impossible. But it adds to stress and anxiety that can be avoided by being honest with yourself. Unlearn the urge to over commit and stick within your own capabilities. You will find that you get more done and have lower stress levels.

Do not neglect precious ‘me time’

You are still one of the most important people in your own life. Your family depends on you to be in good mind and health and frankly you deserve nothing less. Just taking 30 minutes a day to spend on you will leave you feeling happier and consequently be valuable to your family and loved ones.

Read a book, go for a walk, rest – anything that involves you to focus on nobody else but you!

Taking the time to manage your time will allow you to have happy and healthy moments with your family. And enriching ‘me time’ will improve all aspects of your life. Find a workable manner in which you can realistically plan for the time you have – a diary, a to-do list or alike. Effectively managing your time is what will give you peace of mind.

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