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5 Brilliant Ways to Fake Expensive Makeup

fake expensive makeup

We’re all for saving a few bucks wherever possible (even if we’re just going to spend it in the next Country Road sale) because we’d rather spread it across as many avenues as possible. So in order to save on some of our favourite luxury beauty products, here are a few ways to turn your cheaper makeup into expensive looking makeup.

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1. Fake a tinted moisturiser

Mix together one of your favourite moisturisers with a less expensive foundation. Slightly cheaper foundations are normally a little bit thicker so mixing it with your moistuiser will thin it out, while giving you great coverage. It’s the best of both worlds.

2. DIY lip stain

Take your lower-end lipstick and artfully dab a coat onto your lips and blot until the colour has settled in. Follow with your favourite lip balm and BOOM, you’ve just created yourself a luxe tinted balm.

3. Reuse your mascara wands

Here’s a little beauty secret for you – the deciding factor for the quality of a mascara is the wand. Save the mascara wand of your favourite expensive mascara and you can turn any drugstore mascara into a YSL wannabee. Just clean the bristles by dipping it into some eye-makeup remover.

4. Fake a gel eyeliner

Gel liners are amazing for their smooth texture and long-lasting quality, which your regular liners don’t always deliver on. To DIY your own gel liner, take a lighter and gently hold it up to the tip of your pencil for a few seconds. The flame will help warm up the pigment and create a smoother, strong black line.

5.  Dry shampoo

Mixing and matching your cheap and expensive hair products also works miracles! Spritz some dry shampoo onto the roots of your hair to soak up excess oil and then spray some finishing-texture spray for the best ‘dirty hair’ look ever.

Use these tips to turn your cheaper makeup into expensive looking makeup, quick and easy!

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