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7 Ways to Fall In Love All Over Again

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Love is a big word and carries big expectations with it. The problem with love is that it seems like the final chapter – the ending we’ve all been waiting for. Did not Aladdin and Princess Jasmine grow tired of each other, even by their third child and fiftieth re-watch of their favourite series? Yes, they did. We are here to show you how they managed to fall in love all over again and keep feeding the spark in their relationship.

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 Love Tip #1: Keep Your Individuality

Another problem with love is that it seems like we’re supposed to melt into one person. At the beginning of your relationship, you would share stories and take an interest in the other person – because he wasn’t you.

When two people are together for a long time, they have a tendency to do, say and eat the same things. Over and over again.

This is not only boring for the two of you; it’s also boring for those around you who sees this behaviour. Enjoy your own hobbies, return to your man and share your own exciting stories. The interest will spark again when you see each other as the individuals you are, rather than two people merged into one big boring being.

Would you want a relationship that felt like you were on a honeymoon that never ended?



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