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10 Things to Do If You Were Fired Today


You are called into your boss’s office and unexpectedly told you are fired. You are devastated, you feel like a loser. What do you do now? Here is a list of 10 things to do if you were fired today.

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1. Be respectful

As you should always be, don’t berate and mock your boss if you get fired. No matter what the circumstances may be, if you leave on a sour note, this will be attached to your reputation and will travel with you wherever you may go.


2. Keep your composure

There will be a flurry of emotions you will be feeling when you hear the words, “you’re fired”. Keeping your cool is so important in a firing situation because blowing up with anger or breaking down in dramatic tears will make the situation more awkward and could lead to further complications when it comes to referrals.

3. Look at your life

Ok, getting fired is serious. We know that here in SA you are somewhat protected from immediate dismissals because your employer will have to issue you warnings and such. You need to assess the situation and analyse what led to your firing. If you were in the wrong, you need to look at why you did what you had done and deal with the repercussions thereof.

4. Tell somebody

Hearing that you have been fired will shock anyone, which is why you need to talk to someone. Venting is a great way to let out your frustrations, concerns and plans to someone you trust. Whatever you do, do not vent online, stay off social networks!

5. Get in contact with your networks

No matter what career you may be in, you will need to make contacts and networking is the best way to get these. Now that you are out of a job, having those contacts could come in handy if you need help in any way.

6. Get your finances in order

You should always be financially responsible, but now that you will no longer have your regular income you will need to make sure that you manage your finances carefully. If you have dependants, hopefully you will have made provisions to get along in this difficult time. Always have a three month’s income emergency fund available.

7. Ask questions

Firstly know your rights then you need to ask important questions such as, what your record will read, can you get a reference, or extra time. etc.

8. Realise that you will have to be comfortable about talking about your firing

When you start interviewing, people will ask about why you were fired. It may be uncomfortable to speak about, especially if your firing was for something dubious or embarrassing, but you have to own up to it. Let them know that you are aware of what wrongs, if any, you have made and that you have learnt from these mistakes. You want an opportunity to redeem yourself and your firing has made you more aware of what you need to do right in future.

9. Update CV

If you have a LinkedIn account, update it immediately. You should also be honest in your CV when making new applications as lying will get you caught out and may lead to more job search problems. Update your CV so that you carefully highlight your strengths and personal achievements because that is a sure way to get yourself noticed by potential employers.

10. Plan your next job search

Now that you have gotten over the initial shock and frustration of your firing, it is time to get back into the work game. It won’t be easy, but you need to know what you want from your next job or if you feel it is time to break into starting a business of your own.

Losing a job in any capacity is hard to deal with, but being fired is particularly challenging, as there are usually negative undertones that come with it. Remember that it will be hard initially to deal with, but in time it will hopefully get better, just stay positive that you will find work again!

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