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What He Really Thinks During Sex

What He Thinks During Sex

Women have wanted to get into the minds of men for years, wondering what they think about all the time. Have you ever wondered what your man may be thinking during sex? Well wonder no more because we have a list of the things he might be thinking of during sex.

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1. Your body

While we women tend to be overly critical of the way we view our bodies (especially when naked) when in the moment, men think you are perfect. He can’t believe those breast are only for him to enjoy. If the man you are with truly loves you and finds you sexy, that means he is totally fine with the way your body looks too.



2. Something new

He is wondering if you’ll be ok if he tries this new little trick. If you are the adventurous type, go with it, as most men want to try new things. If you are not, listen to his suggestions but you should be comfortable with this. Every guy has his own bag of tricks—some we’ve tried and others we’ve just thought about. Maybe your guy’s fighting the urge to playfully slap your ass or bite your nipple. Or maybe he wishes he could finish somewhere a little, um, out of the box, but he isn’t sure if that’s even a thing that normal people do. So he doesn’t do it. Bottom line: If you’re up for trying something new in bed, let him know. The experimentation can go as far as you want to take it.

3. Prolong, prolong

What most men want to achieve when having sex is (hopefully) making you orgasm. If not, oh well . . . maybe next time. To prevent climaxing early, some men think of strange things, like a recent rugby game (yes!), this new car he has seen or some non-sexy thought to prolong orgasm. Just let him dream on and smile . . .

4. Keep it up

Occasionally, things go very wrong and a guy’s flagpole doesn’t seem to want to raise higher than half mast. Stress and booze are the common culprits, but whatever the reason, it sucks to disappoint you. In these situations, letting hm know your feelings aren’t hurt can go a long way, and you can bet he’ll bounce back hard the next time—no pun intended. He doesn’t want to disappoint you and this can hurt his self-image, so tell him it’s ok, you understand. Cuddle and hold him tight, he’ll make up for it next time

5. Where did she learn this?

If you pull out a new bedroom move you read about somewhere, he will be wondering where you learnt this. Ultimately he will only be too happy to be part of something new, but tell him where you got it from, else it may bother him afterwards.

6. My god, these are perfect!

From a man’s perspective, the best breasts in the world are those that have recently been exposed solely for his enjoyment. If you happen to possess those breasts, just know that he’s thoroughly impressed.


Instead of wondering what he might be thinking about during sex, sometimes it’s best to do some research if you want some insight to their thoughts. Have fun!

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