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How to Help Your Child Build Good Eating Habits

It’s not always easy to encourage your children to eat a balanced diet, so what to do? We have listed some common questions and answers by Pediatric Clinical Dietitians.

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My kids won’t eat vegetables—how do I sneak them in?

If you hide the fruits and vegetables you are not helping the child to gain familiarity with it, to actually internally acknowledge that they like it. As they get older they won’t know that they are eating the vegetables and will still refuse “whole” vegetables. Then if a care giver admits to sneaking in vegetables in the past, the child will perhaps feel distrustful. For children with severe food aversions, establishing trust and being honest about what they’re eating is essential to long term success. Check out this website: www.fruitsandveggiesmorematters.org.  They have recipes that include fruits and vegetables, and games that get a child interested in eating fruits and vegetables without having to actually first trying them.




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