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The Truth Behind High-Tech Mascaras

Hi Tech mascara

Women have been darkening and thickening their eyelashes for as long as they’ve been fluttering them, but it took a man – a young perfumier called Eugene Rimmel – to come up with the first mascara in the 1830s. Rimmel’s formula for the perfect lashes has been improved on ever since.

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At the start of the 20th century, chemist T. L. Williams mixed coal dust and petroleum jelly to create a mixture named after his sister Mabel and big brand Vaseline: yes, you’ve guessed it, Maybelline. Meanwhile Helena Rubinstein was the first to introduce the ‘wand-in-a-tube‘ product that we now know and love.

Current mascaras

Cut to today and the current mascara marketing trend is all about the new wave of mascara wands. The industry secret is that this iconic eye make-up look is never the result of a single coat of thick mascara. Perfect lashes are achieved by painstakingly applying one coat of non-clogging mascara to the root of the lashes, zigzagging upwards, then separating the lashes using a clean wand and then repeating this process all over again until you get the desired effect.

Master Authentic Beauty Makeup

The classic mascara wand is perfect for creating this look. Here is the results of testing five of the latest new-wave wands:

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