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How Regular Check Ups Can Comfort Your Medical Concerns


You need to stop postponing or avoiding your yearly check-ups with your general physician because of an inexplicable or unreasonable fear of bad news.

Having regular check-ups is one of the most important things a woman should do at least once a year. This way, if there is anything wrong or that needs to be treated, early detection might help tremendously.

Most women (and men) experience a paralyzing fear when it comes to checking up on their physical health. The fear of a terminal or serious illness becomes so strong that people avoid it for as long as they possibly can.

Among other factors, an extensive medical probing (which may include breasts, vaginal, etc.) is also one of the things you have to go through in order to get a clean bill of health. It is therefore important to establish a professional yet comfortable relationship with your doctor.

You need to ask your doctor to inform you on all kinds of medical advice you need in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle and to ensure that your physical health stays good.

According to the Harvard Health Publication,  yearly check-ups are important as women’s bodies change and are under different conditions each year. This then makes sense why a regular medical check-up each year is essential.

The CDC,  advices that the best way to prepare for a medical check-up is to have a detailed family medical history (such as heart diseases in the family, cancer, high blood and diabetes) and details of your lifestyle such as foods you consume, exercise and health problems that you sometimes experience.

This will help your doctor to assess you with the extensive background knowledge of your medical history and have an idea of what to look out for during your examination.

A regular check-up is for your benefit, so that you know your physical condition and to guarantee yourself peace of mid. It also ensures for life longevity, you can rest easy knowing that you re in perfectly good health and if not you can then go about finding treatment for your medical condition.

It is understandable to have a certain amount of fear when you go to these kinds of check-ups because you never know what the doctor might or might not find, but rather address that fear by doing something about it, instead of letting it eat at you physically and mentally.

This is also an opportunity for you to at least ask your doctor all the questions and medical concerns you might have and be armed with tons of information at the end of the visit. Your fears will be soothed and you can go home knowing that you are fine.

Encourage your female friends and family to do the same, because women are reassured when someone they know had an exam before.

Thembakazi Mbobela

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