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How To Get Perfect Lips


Out of all the makeup that women wear, lipstick can be said to be one of the most complex to apply, so here are a couple of tips to help you get over your phobia and get those perfect lips.

It’s true that applying lipstick the right way can mean the difference between looking comical or chic, but you shouldn’t use that as an excuse to not wear that cherry red you’ve always wanted.

Lip Service
Before applying any lipstick it’s important that you start by taking care of your lips. This is because having chapped and dry lips can lead to your lipstick wearing off easily and looking uneven. So remember next time to include them in your skin care regiment.

This means you need to regularly moisturize and protect your lips says Didi Gluck, writer for Real Simple. Make sure to get a lip balm that is at least 15 SPF to protect them against the sun, which will also help to prevent those chapped winter lips. Also get into the habit of exfoliating your lips. Using one that’s gentle on your lips can help to scrub off unwanted flakes and keep your lips smooth.

Colour Code
Lipstick brands are not short of colour varieties, this makes choosing the right lipstick colour seem more daunting than it is. Whether you prefer your hot pinks or classic reds, start by making sure that your lipstick suits your skin tone. You can do this by testing it in the store by applying some on your hand or fingertips.

If you want to buy a nude lipstick, choose one that’s either just a little brighter or darker than your natural skin tone. If you are pale, chose one with a touch of pink and if you have an olive or dark skin tone, choose one with a hint of sandy beige.

Prefer a bright shade?  Choose one that’s based on the natural colour of your lips rather than your skin tone. Pale lips will suit coral or cherry red, naturally red lips hot pink or orange and dark lips will suit burgundy and brick red.

Applying your Lipstick
When applying lipstick your first step is to apply a lip primer, balm or gloss so that your lips are smooth. If you’re wearing a bold colour then it’s important that you apply lip liner (it can be before or after your lip balm), because the bold colour can bleed into the lines around your mouth. Be sure to use a lip liner that matches your lipstick or your skin tone and that doesn’t overpower your lipstick colour.

Once you’ve chosen your lipstick, apply it on once then blot it with tissue, repeat the process at least another 2 times.  Make sure to start from the centre of your lips and then blend the colour outwards to the corners. When applying a bold colour start by applying it to your bottom lip and press your lips together, use your fingers to then spread the colour. You can also apply a translucent powder on between your coats to make it stay on for longer.

After reading this you should no longer have an excuse preventing you from wearing that perfect shade.

Dana Da Silva

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