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Is Your Car a Glimpse of Your Personality?

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Are you a sleek sexy sports car, a cute and petite hatchback, a smooth and classy sedan, maybe a safe and trustworthy minivan or a strong and confident SUV?

Women always pay attention to what they wear because it is a reflection of their personality. Your car should play the same role. It is a glimpse of its owner’s character from afar.

1. The Sports car/convertible The sports car is a sexy two-seater compact convertible – the type of woman who drives a sports car is young, sporty and outgoing.  Pop culture usually depicts women in sports cars as a “babes”; they usually appear clad in sexy little bikinis in most photographs in magazines and online. It comes in bold colours that beg for attention.

2. The Hatchback The hatchback is a small and cute car, usually driven by women of all ages who mostly have small builds. In young women, it is usually a driven hard-working individual and always on the move. In most cases it is a first car and for older women (50+) it is a car of convenience.

3. The Sedan Think of Meryl Streep in The Devil Wears Prada or Gabrielle Union in Daddy’s little girls chauffeured around and owning it.

The sedan woman is classy, sophisticated and comfortable in their own skin. She exudes an inner allure slightly tinged with haughtiness. They range from working class to wealthy. The car is sleek and usually preferred in black or silver.

4. The Minivan Mostly known as the “mom car”, the minivan (usually a seven-seater) is a big and safe car comfortable for long journeys. The type of women who drives the mini is a mother, housewife (most cases) and often does the carpool; it is a family car (picket-fence and gardens kind of car).

The car screams “homemaker” as a first impression. It is a reliable car, hence making its driver appear as a trustworthy person.

5. The SUV The SUV (Sport Utility Vehicle) is a combination of a sports car and a sedan. It is sporty and smooth at the same time. It’s a big car but also environmentally friendly.

The type of women who drives a SUV looks classy, confident and adventurous; she is an outdoorsy type of women who is comfortable in any environment. She is a down-to-earth kind of women usually in her mid-30s to late 40s.

There are countless other cars/vehicles such as trucks, taxies and vans (bakkies) that further describe women, but the above mentioned cars are the ones most women tend to drive.

This of course is not to say that these are a 100 percent or even 70 percent accurate personality profiles for women and their cars but a mere observation.

Next time you are out and about, take time and watch women and their cars and see if you can spot the similarities. Even if it is just for the fun of it and see how accurate you can be.

Thembakazi Mbobela

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