Kate Moodley

Fresh from her recent win as Top Woman Business Woman of the year and Top Women Executive at Topco Media’s 8th annual Top Women Awards, Discovery’s Franchise Director, Kate Moodley is not resting on her laurels.

Gender empowerment issues were integral to Kate’s win and remain a cause for which she pioneers tirelessly in her personal capacity and in her role as Franchise Director at Discovery where she has worked since July 2010.

Kate, also a published journalist, has recently launched a ‘women’s empowerment project’ in association with Discovery and Chabad House called ‘Discover Yourself’. Focusing on the spiritual, physical and financial well being of women, the project is a series of workshops which aims to give women access to information from experts and mentors. Through this shared knowledge base, attendees are afforded the opportunity to create business opportunities and climb the corporate ladder with confidence through knowledge. In addition to the ‘Discover Yourself’ project, Moodley has set up a bursary project which funds studies for her 100 % female-only admin team to complete their RFP1, RFP 2 and RFP 3, allowing them to progress to different levels within the organization.

This thread of female-empowerment has been a central theme throughout Moodley’s career and her ethos of determination and talent being rewarded lead to her first initiative, which came about during her time at Momentum. The project was called ‘Central Academy’ and was a weekly training session for all the Marketing Advisers and Regional Managers. This lead to ensuring the Company had enough female talent to place within the organization.

Kate comments: ‘I have always believed in leaving a legacy that you can be proud of and a commitment to excellence in everything. I was lucky enough to grow up in a household of equal gender opportunity with the advantage of a good education. It’s paramount to my career path as an Executive and as a woman, to share my experience and knowledge with female colleagues, allowing them the same opportunities I have been afforded.  I have and will continue to create opportunities and develop talented women, enabling them to reach their personal and professional zenith’.

Highly respected within the financial services industry, Moodley is uncompromising in her deliverables and has a strong need to understand before committing to any strategy. As a result, her deliverables have shown a substantial increase in profitability without compromising the quality of the business. It’s this unwavering culture of determination and hard work that has provided Moodley with the platform to empower like-minded and determined women. It’s also lead to her completing her first book about personal branding which will imminently hit South African bookshelves.

Kate continues to pioneer for the fully empowered, spiritually healthy and financially astute woman.

Contribution to Women Empowerment Projects:

o    “Discover Yourself” Women Empowerment Project – a National Project
o     Central Academy at Momentum
o     Setting up Women – mentorship Programmes within Discovery and Momentum
o     Setting up of bursaries and other forms of funding both within Discovery for the development of Women

Professional achievements

o    Spokes-person and Chair of the African Women’s International Conference
(March 2010)
o    Selected as columnist for the Women Inc magazine on “financial matters” (July 2011)
o    Awarded CEO- SA’s Most influential women in business and government award for Insurance (August 2009)
o    Selected as the “FNA”- Women who are making a difference in the financial services industry (For both August 2008 and 2009)
o    Nominated for the “Women on the Move” for the Cosmo Magazine (July 2007)
o    Oprah and Momentum Circle of Success – Selected as columnist and panel judge for a project run by the Oprah (January 2006 to March 2007)
o    Appointed to the Momentum Junior Board (January 2007)

Articles published

o    Oprah
o    Cosmopolitan
o    Women and Home
o    Moment Magazine
o    Personal Finance
o    M-Magazine
o    Women Inc

Academic achievements

o    Management Development Programme – Gordon Institute of Business Science – Graduated with three distinctions (August 2006)
o    Diploma in Financial Planning (CFP) – Graduated with two distinctions (2005)-University of the Free State
o    LLM – Income Tax and International tax (2002) – University of Natal (Durban)
o    LLB – (Graduated with Deans Commendation) (2000) – University of Natal – (Pietermaritzburg) Dean Commendations and Gold Key Honoury
o    Bachelor of Arts (BA) – Distinction in Legal Studies (1998) – University of Natal (Pietermaritzburg).
She will be starting an MBA this year – we wish her all the best!

Kate, we salute you!    

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