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Learn How to Stay calm in the Midst of Chaos


Even though people often know what they want in life, quite often they do not know how to get there. Similarly, they do not always know how to avoid what they do not want. Often people do not even know what is missing for them. Discover what is holding you back by addressing what is missing in the different domains of your life, e.g. relationships, work, family, career and so on.

We all have the ability to bring change into our lives. We can transform our lives and experience our extraordinary internal resources. Sometimes people need an extra prompt to start the process – a catalyst.

So if you are stuck in a rut or need to get some sparkle back in your life or relationships,
Madeleine can help you renew your zest for life, boost your confidence, self-esteem and
change old habits forever.

Madeleine Caylor (Ph.Dc)
Personal Development Coach & Counselor
For the past 15-years, Madeleine has read, researched and studied widely in numerous fields from Quantum Theories, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Philosophy, Metaphysical Sciences, Mysticism, to Neuro-Science. She has a natural ability for blending the rational approach of the Western mind with the deep, intuitive wisdom of the East.

She is constantly choosing to contribute more significantly to empowering people to recognize their full potential. She has specialized in areas of inspiration, strategy and self-empowerment. Madeleine consults to private individuals, corporations and educational institutions on the application of the miraculous power within the mind and within the cosmos.

Various Programs used during a Session:

1. The Power of Language (Neuro-Linguistic Programming)
NLP is a proven technology for personal achievement that helps people to understand
themselves and those around them more fully, in such a way as to maximize personal growth and excellence. Technically, NLP is the study of human excellence.

2. The Power of Emotions (Emotional Navigation System)
Exercises to enhance your Emotional Intelligence (EQ): EQ is widely becoming acknowledged as a more important contributor to success and happiness than talent, education, experience or hard work. Powerful easy techniques will awaken your emotional awareness and enable you to easily and genuinely transform emotional states into resources.

3. The Power of Knowledge
(The application of Universal Laws)
Many people think that high-levels of success in life happen by chance; or by extremely hard
work alone. But I can assure you, nothing in our universe, or our world, happens by chance or by hard work alone. Everything happens by exact laws.

4. The Power of Deliberate Thought (Creative Performance Techniques)
Your thoughts are impulses of energy; and each of these thoughts is vibrating at a specific
frequency. Within your Mind lies infinite wisdom, infinite power, and infinite supply of all that
is necessary, which is waiting for development and expression.

5. The Power of Intuition
In philosophy, the power of obtaining knowledge that is not or cannot be acquired either by
inference or observation. When we are intuitive, we are projecting unknown possibilities. When we are non-linear and abstract, we are not in routine or fixed in a pattern of familiarity.

6. The Power of Intention
Intentions are more powerful than wants, wishes or hopes. Intention releases a force that make things happen. An intention is like an arrow in flight. Nothing can deflect it. Learn simple yet powerful techniques to help you sift through your aspirations, and activate your power within so when you do set forth your powerful intention, you can aim confidently.

7. The Power of Integrity
Applying the techniques and methods presented in this workshop, is only truly effective when it is used in alignment with our highest goals and purposes, for the highest good of all beings.

8. The Power of Release
When we ‘Release’, we are engaging in the concept of letting go. We are releasing ourselves from anxiety into a state of acceptance… accepting what is. This conscious action could also be seen as an act of surrender… surrendering and therefore aligning with the Infinite Source.

Special Offer Exclusively to Inspiring Women:

Pay only R150.00 for a 60 minute Personal Development Coaching Session in CAPE TOWN, valued at R300 (Save 50%).

Offer expires on 15 July 2011. (Limited Spaces available).

In order to secure a space, email your name and contact details to: madeleine@inspiringwomen.co.za

Booking essential  082-782-0777

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