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10 New Sex Facts You Didn’t Know About

new sex facts

We all have our own understanding of sex, ever since grade 5 when your friend told you what grownups do in the dark. Now, as a grownup yourself, you may think that you know all there is to know about it. But here are 10 new facts about sex that may just surprise you:

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 1. The cowgirl position may be too dangerous

It may not seem like a very risky sex position. I mean there are positions in the Karma Sutra that probably only professional gymnasts should try. But as it turns out the woman sitting on top position can cause a lot of injury to a man. This is because of the pressure from thrusting can hurt penile tissue to the point of altering the way it erects. Any other position where the penis goes completely in and out of the vagina can also cause harm. But you can make the cowgirl much safer and enjoyable by leaning forward.


2. Men do not always ejaculate when they orgasm

Orgasms are most often looked at as simple for men. Women usually have to become really aroused, and sometimes by multiple techniques in order to orgasm. And even then your partner may not be sure it even happened. Men on the other hand have the gooey evidence to prove it. Well, it turns out, not always! Men are able to experience the sensations of an orgasm without ejaculating too.

3. Women may be your biggest online turn on

new sex facts

A 2014 survey by PornHub found that the no. 1 search for women in South Africa was Kim Kardashian. It seems that we are taking our obsession with the reality TV star into the bedroom as well. This also shows that women may be more inclined to the same sex when it comes to visual stimulation. The study also found that a whopping 32% of viewers were made up of women and that they usually search for “lesbian” over any other category.

4. Women can also get erections

Well, not huge whopping erections like men get, but a woman’s clitoris can be aroused like a penis. A clitoris can grow in size, swell and become much more sensitive when it becomes more and more aroused. This is caused by erectile tissue inside the clitoris that also exist within a penis.

new sex facts

5. And men can fake it too

Women are most widely known to be the only ones who can fake orgasms during sex. They may do it to spare their partners’ feelings or just because they want the sex to stop. But men can do it too, and for the exact same reasons. A lot of women may not notice that their partner has not ejaculated especially, if they use a condom. Also, if he sometimes “dry” orgasm he can just pretend that he had an orgasm without ejaculating.

6. Your heels may be stealing your orgasm

High heels are seen as key to having great style but they may be ruining your sex life. Heels that are too high may be keeping you from achieving a satisfying orgasm or any orgasm at all. Apparently, some shoe brands design their high heels to arch in a way that makes your pelvis tilt in a way that it usually does when you orgasm. So, when you do actually orgasm your body will not feel as stimulated as before!


new sex facts

7. Your fingers can give away your sexual appetite

A study has shown that people who have longer ring than index fingers may be more inclined to have more sexual partners. On the other hand, those with fingers of the same length are more into long term monogamous relationships. Although, there are many factors that contribute to whether someone is promiscuous or may be more likely to be a cheater. The study found a strong correlation with this and finger length. Men with longer ring fingers made up 57% of the study while others made up 43%, and women were found to make up a rough opposite of the proportions.

8. Oh… and men do not want it all the time

We usually think of men like the Energiser bunny, ever ready! But it turns out that this is not always the case. As men get older their libidos tend to decline so they do not feel the need to have sex as frequently as before. Also, your libido may make you want sex much more often than he does. Younger guys also may experience a bit of a umm… flat tyre every now and then. This is not a cause for alarm. You two can always try again later.

new sex facts

9. Female wet dreams are a real thing

When you think about wet dreams you probably think of teenage boys and embarrassing mornings. But women can apparently become aroused and have orgasms during their sleep. And it can happen about 6 times a night! These night time arousals may not be obvious but they usually involve the whole vulva and vagina areas being engorged.

10. Exercise can stimulate your sex life

Some people have reported that they feel more aroused after an exercise session. Well, this may have a cause as exercising increases blood flow throughout the body as well as our more sensitive bits. Circulation is also important in healthy erections, so physical activity does have the ability to ease some cases of erectile dysfunction.

You may have known about the ins and outs of sex, but these new sex facts may have you saying: what the heck! . . . I didn’t know that!

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