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That New Year’s Resolution

Is it really a “NEW” Year? Or just the same old year all over again? If you have the same persistent professional and personal struggles, the same unresolved issues, the same relentless work/life challenges that you had the year before and perhaps the year before that, then I think it’s a safe bet to project 2017 is going to more of the same. Unless YOU be something… someone NEW! Here is a quick message to help you recover and make a real lasting change in your life.

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Most people don’t even make a resolution, why? Because for years and years they have made them, only to break them. They know they are not going to keep them and they will be disappointed again, so why bother?

The only thing that is going to make you happy is that on a regular basis you feel there is progress in your life. A Career Coach will assist you in making continuous progress in your life and career. Contact me now to schedule a no obligation conversation to discuss how to bring progress in your life.

Getting things is not going to make your happiness last. Getting money or an opportunity or even a new relationship is not going to give you lasting happiness. If you want progress, you have to look at your life and take control of this process and not just hope it is going to work out, like so many people making a new year’s resolution – a wish.

What does it take to create lasting change in your life?

1. A Vision

The 1st step is to have a vision for what you really and truly want, not what you think you should have or do. Most people’s resolutions are in the vein of: I want to lose 5 kg, I want to stop smoking, etc. That is not very inspiring, it doesn’t tell you what you are going to get, it is more like what you are not going to get . . .

A vision is what you are going to create, what excites you – it has to be a compelling vision, something that will pull you, not something you will have to push yourself to do. I have helped many women create a vision that changed their lives. During a one hour, no obligation conversation we can create a vision that will change your life. Contact me.

2. Reasons

A strong compelling vision and strong enough reasons will pull you to accomplish your goal. Reasons will make you find a different option when things get tough and you have to adjust you path. The fear will not take you over if you have strong enough reasons and you will do things that other people can’t do.

3. Review it every day

To make it work, you must feel it, envision it and experience it every day.

The right way to determine your future is by creating it and if you need help with creating the best life for yourself, the finest career or the greatest business, please contact me here or send an email to: jake@inspiringcoach.co.za

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