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How Quitting My Corporate Job Messed Up My Life

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So many people are dissatisfied with the jobs that they currently have. Maybe you are one of them. Have you ever thought of quitting your job to start your own business? Rather to spend your days doing something you are passionate about instead of begrudgingly working for someone or a company you absolutely hate. Then best you read on! How Quitting My Corporate Job Messed Up My Life!

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Entrepreneurship is something that is encouraged but not meant for everyone. In the post by entrepreneur Ali Mese titled “How Quitting My Corporate Job For My Startup Dream F*cked My Life Up.” he really highlights the challenge it is to become an entrepreneur.


He mentions how he once worked in a high paying job for a reputable company then decided to quit his job to start his own business. Subsequently, there was an unexpected disconnect between him and his loved ones. From his parents disagreeing, to friends questioning, and even his supportive girlfriend not really understanding his struggle. Everyone around him just never seemed to understand just how hard it was for him to get his startup up to the levels they had expected.

Common challenge

This is a common challenge you will face when you choose to be your own boss. People think they know (everything), but they have no idea about what you are trying to do. Even when you might try to explain what you might be going through, they will either discourage you, not understand a thing you say to them or give you useless advice.

Life choices

What you need to realise as an entrepreneur, is that if you know what you want to achieve with the business you are about to create, more likely than not, people you know well will not agree with your life’s choices. Luckily for you, you are not alone. There are plenty of likeminded people that have the same drive, dreams, and experiences that you are going through. It would be in your best interest to make connections with entrepreneurial-minded people to help you in your journey to success!

To be an entrepreneur is hard work, often lonely and highly stressful. If you do choose to leave your current job to start your own business, do not expect a lot of support from people. The sacrifices you will need to can break your spirit, but do not let it. Focus on what matters most and remember what the reason is behind you pursuing this dream you have.

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