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Relationship Coaching

A relationship can be the source of the most extreme pain or the most enormous pleasure. Do you live with any of these:

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• Unresolved pain from breaking up or losing a loved one
• You’re struggling to forgive a betrayal or a break in trust (e.g. an affair)
• Your sex life has lost its spark
• Arguments with your partner over small things turn into heated fights
• Your partner has withdrawn or shuts you out emotionally
• Unclear communication problems whenever you talk

I help people who are unhappy in their relationships and those who want to prevent divorce or a break-up with highly effective solutions.

I will help you to:
• Find closure and a new, vibrant and happy love life
• Work through trust issues and create new boundaries
• Re-ignite the intimate you
• Find the balance between you and your partner’s needs and falling in love all over again
• Help you recognise your emotional triggers and those of your partner
• Create new communication patterns between you and your partner


Together we will reignite your love, passion, intimacy, communication, respect and understanding.

Click here to to schedule a no obligation conversation with me.

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