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The Truth about Skincare for Your Face

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A stringent skincare regime for your face can take years off your appearance and ensure you always look your very best. Your skin is the window that often reveals your lifestyle choices and nothing improves your skin like a healthy lifestyle and some tricks of the trade. Here are some guidelines as to how you can improve your appearance:

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Maintaining the Balance

The number one rule for a healthy skin is to maintain the natural balance of your skin. The acid mantle of your skin serves as a protective barrier which protects your skin against environmental irritants. It is also responsible for guarding against dehydration. The acid mantle of your skin should ideally be at a pH 5.5. Using a facial skincare range which is designed to maintain the ideal balance of your skin can dramatically increase your skin’s appearance.

Skincare Routine

Dedication to your skincare routine is paramount! Stick to your skincare routine to ensure that your face looks beautiful at all times. Different skin conditions require different routines. An essential routine for most skin types will consist of a morning and evening regime. Generally there are three essential steps which are: Cleanse, exfoliate and moisturise. We also cannot understate the importance of sun protection. So ensure your daily moisturisers contain sunscreen lotion to protect your face from premature aging caused by UV rays.

You are what you eat!                  

Your diet choices can dramatically alter the appearance and condition of your skin. A healthy diet is not only vital for a healthy lifestyle but for a young and vibrant skin too. Certain foods such as high fat content foods and drinks, caffeine and sugars are known to cause wrinkles and bad skin conditions. Instead, go for fresh fruit and vegetables to cleanse your skin from the inside out.

Water! Water! Water!                 

Water cleanses your body by flushing out toxins, toxins which may be harmful to skin and may leave your face looking aged, tired and dehydrated. You simply cannot have a healthy skin glow without drinking water daily.

Allow Skin to Breathe   

Heavy foundation and lots of makeup can temporarily make your skin look younger. But in fact excessive amounts of makeup, especially over a prolonged time can do damage to your skin. The truth is less is more, and a more natural look with less makeup can do wonders for your skin. Heavy makeup tends to blog pores which may result in pimples. Give your skin a break! And enjoy healthier, younger looking skin.

You can make a striking first impression with flawless skin! Invest the right amount of time, effort and healthy habits and you can have the skin you have always wanted. The guidelines above are the perfect recipe for any skin type and guarantees results. It is the essential skincare secrets for your face. As we only have one skin, taking care thereof is crucial to a younger, more radiant face.

Written by Claudette van Rensburg

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