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Tips on How to Deal With Temper Tantrums

temper tantrum

A temper tantrum is much like a volcano, once it’s triggered it can be ferocious with almost no way to stop it. There are ways that you can prevent and deal with a tantrum that don’t involve giving your kids what they want.

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The temper of tantrums

Ever thought why they were called “temper” tantrums? At that age your child wants to have control over their environment and have independence, which can at times bemore than they can handle. So they’ll throw one as an expression of their frustration with not being able to complete a certain task or figure something out.

It can also be because you’re not understanding what they want. Your 1-4 year old has a limited vocabulary, so they’ll struggle with finding the right words to express their feelings and thoughts. So if their trying to tell you they want juice in a blue cup, not the red, and you don’t understand it may cause a tantrum.

Know their triggers

Triggers for tantrums can be anything from telling them its bed time to trying to feed them broccoli. So how do you know which will be the next one? What you can do is when they’re about to throw one look at what the trigger is and how you can keep them away from it. For example, if they ask for treats when you’re out shopping you’ll know to steer clear from the temptation ails.

Routine and consistency

So you forgot that you needed to go to the shops before your kids nap time, you take them with you but then they start to throw a tantrum. Toddlers thrive on consistency and routine so a sudden change can throw them off and be a cause of a tantrum.

Prevent this by establishing a daily routine so that your kid knows exactly what to expect. If by any chance you need to do an errand or an activity that doesn’t fall into routine, give your child a five minute warning before changing anything.

Look, a distraction!

What do you do when you see the tell-tale signs of a tantrum? You’d try and stop it in its tracks, one way to do this is by distraction. At that age your child has a short attention span that is easy to divert. You can take advantage of this by giving them something else to think about.

Do this by giving them a replacement for what they want such as one of their own toys or a food item so they can stay occupied. You can also make a funny face, tell a joke or do something humorous to take their mind off of what’s upsetting them.

Ignore the behaviour

It may not seem like the most caring tactic, but ignoring this behaviour can work for diffusing a tantrum. So when one occurs try to ignore it as best you can but if they’re being too disruptive or are inconsolable take them to a private spot for a time out, such as your car or a rest area. Then return to that activity once they’re calmed or they’ll learn that a tantrum is a way to get out of it.

Dealing with a tantrum is never easy, especially if it’s in a public place where it can sometimes be embarrassing. But by using these tips you can handle it in such a way that won’t lead them to screaming for more candy bars.

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