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How to Get That Pay Increase

Unemployment is on the rise, making it more and more difficult for people to get a job. Not only that, but we are suffering from petrol hikes as well as increasing costs of daily life.

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So why is it hard for us to ask for a pay increase? You would think we would be justified in asking for one, as it is becoming increasingly difficult to make ends meet.  Surely there would be understanding for requests according to our situation?

Well, we obviously can’t control what our Employers decide, but we can make sure we are properly prepared and confident in order to ask for a salary increase.

What’s stopping us?

Well firstly we are fearful of the outcome which immediately makes us hesitate in asking.

But why are we fearful? Is it because it could be rejected? Yes! Maybe it could cause friction between you and your employer? Maybe they would think you are being greedy?

These are all scenarios which could happen, but what needs to be done here, is an evaluation of yourself, your worth and what you deserve in your work position. Know your strengths and weaknesses. Be honest with yourself.  Ask yourself: ”Do I need and deserve a pay rise?”

Acknowledge that the answer could be no, prepare yourself. Once you have accepted that “No”, could be the answer, the fear will subside.

Secondly we make excuses

We tell ourselves it is what we deserve, that we are being too greedy, that everyone is going through it and that you could be seen as ungrateful.
We need to depersonalize the request and make it simply about a pay increase. Attach no emotions to it. You need to decide what it is you need and base it on facts. You need to show initiative and build a small case of facts that you can show your employer.

Thirdly we lack the confidence

We doubt ourselves and doubt our abilities. Build your self esteem by reading going through your work and your employer’s feedback. Has it been positive? Have you done what your job requires of you? If yes, it makes it slightly easier to boost yourself and the knowledge that your work has been noted and fulfilled.

You need to believe in yourself, as clichéd as it is. Who will believe in you if you don’t?

Fourthly we assume

This is by far the most detrimental factor. You can’t assume that your boss is a mind reader and will increase your salary out of good will. People are busy in their own lives and business, and do not think of everything all the time. Because of this, you have to ask. Otherwise you are leaving an abundance of money to the next person who doesn’t assume and takes initiative.

Once you get over the psychology of why we don’t ask, here are some helpful tips in how to approach your boss for a pay increase:

• Assess yourself and build a strong case that shows you have done your job. Present this to your boss in an assertive, non-egotistical manner. Be humble yet factual.
• Know the lowest increase you will take, but push for the highest.
• If the answer is no, accept it as a challenge to do better. If the reason you were rejected is because of you personally, you may need to re-assess your position
• If the answer is “yes”, congratulations! Don’t forget to get the offer in writing.
• End the meeting on a positive note i.e “Thank you for your time, I will work harder and try again in the future.”

Remember to be reasonable in your request and hopefully you will end up with extra money to reduce some of the stress due to the high costs of daily living. Master the above and get that pay increase. Get over the fear and try!

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