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Why Do We Choose Poor Eating Habits and What is Eating Well?

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If good food was easy, we’d all be in shape and we’d all be healthy. But there are factors around eating well that point us in the direction of unhealthy habits. Why do we choose poor eating habits, what eating well is, and how we can overcome these factors.

So what does eating well mean? In essence it’s a healthy diet, and according to Wikipedia, “a healthy diet is one that helps maintain or improve general health.”

What does eating well entail? We start by looking at the basics, the 5 food groups. Eating well consists of consuming a balance of food in all the different food groups; grains, fruit and vegetables, protein, dairy and fats and sugars. Once we know what we need to eat, we can search for a diet that appeals to us by doing a little research.

So what’s stopping us? Information Overload!!! The internet is swarming with eating plans, tips, diets, and nutritional advice. This can be overwhelming and makes it hard for us to know what to choose. Sound like eating out is easier? No! If you find a source you trust, follow them and stick to their regimes. Keep it simple.

Social outings usually end up in buying food at restaurants, where we have limited control over what goes in our meals. Instead of that, arrange for a monthly dinner at one of your homes. Cook a meal that you have control of for you and your friends.

No time to shop or cook? Make the time… As much as we get caught up in the busy lives we lead, there is no excuse. This is because technology is vivid in our society, we have access to online shopping, such as Pick n Pay, who have a click and collect offer, making it more convenient for us to get what we need.  However if you are not all that tech savvy, make a conscious decision to go grocery shopping once a week, where you dedicate your time to good food.

Is the food we need always available? No. However, junk food is readily available EVERYWHERE, and its available 24/7, at our garage convenience stores and at Mc Donald’s and KFC’s. Healthier foods are seasonal, and are not always in stock. But if you do your weekly shopping trip, your chances of having all the products you need rises, as the stores re-stock weekly.

It’s expensive!! Eating well costs money. Perishable goods need to be eaten within a certain time, and when we don’t have time, they perish and we lose money. So how do we combat this? Unfortunately it is a case of dedication. This is to be your new way of life…Which brings us to our most important point!! Getting your mind right!!

This is where we need to face facts, eating well is a conscious decision. Without the support of your mind, it makes it difficult to commit and stick to it. Too many people give in because of the factors we discussed. So what needs to be considered is a commitment to eating well. That is the first step. It needs to become your way of life, a means for self improvement, a decision to be healthy.

A healthy mind is a start to a healthy diet. At the end of the day the only person you are disappointing is yourself, as harsh as that may sound it’s apparent that a mindset change is in order. By doing this, the factors we’ve discussed will fall away naturally, as you begin your journey to eating well.

There are no quick fixes, it is a process. But fortunately, after a few weeks of routine and determination, you can succeed in overcoming the inconvenience of eating well! It brings truth to the saying, “You can get use to anything”.

10 Tips for a healthier YOU!

1. Prepare your mind and make a commitment to eating well. Start today!

2. Identify one information source (web/books) and stick to it, as the plethora of information can be overwhelming… Keep it simple. For example: http://www.foodnetwork.com/healthy/packages/healthy-every-week/healthy-mains.html

3. Designate a day for grocery/online shopping, once a week.

4. Surround yourself with people who are on the same page. Don’t eat out as often, rather cook for friends at home.

5. Drink hot water and lemon at the start of each day. It is high in Vitamin C, and acts as a mini detox.

6. Start cutting out junk food, and replace with healthier foods you do like. You don’t need to jeopardize your taste buds!

7. Increase your water intake, decrease your salt intake

8. Moderation is key (don’t deny yourself the good things in life).

9. Substitute sugary junk with sweet fruits

10. Be inspired. Make it fun, and enjoy the journey

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