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Why Walking Is a Wonderful Way To Keep Healthy

Whether you want to lose some weight or you simply want to find a way to keep active, walking is an activity that anyone can partake in and there are countless benefits to it as well.

Sounds easy enough? Here are some of the amazing ways why you should make use of the advantages of walking:

Walking is a cheap exercise.

No gym membership required with this workout and you can do it at your own pace. All you need is a good pair of training shoes some comfortable clothes and you can be on your way. It can be done in the convenience of your home if you own a treadmill or you can just go for a brisk walk around the block.

Plenty of health benefits.

• Increases heart and lung fitness
• Minimizes the risk of heart illness and diabetes
• Improves your cholesterol and  blood pressure
• Assists in alleviating body pains and soreness
• Develops stronger bones and improved balance
• Builds muscle strength and endurance
• Makes you feel good.
• Reduces body fat.

Not time consuming.
Most people hate exercising because the workout may be long and hard to do, but with walking, just doing it for only 30 minutes can give you the benefits listed above. However if you want to challenge yourself, you can always take longer walks and venture onto uneven terrain to make your workout more interesting. Other ways you can add walking your daily life:
• Choose to climb stairs instead of using the lift.
• Walk to work or home if possible.
• Walk to the local shops.
• Walk your dogs (or your neighbour’s dog).

Anyone can do it. If you are able to walk, making walking a form of exercise is perfect for you. If you have an injury a gentle walk will do fine. Make it fun, make it a social event. There are no limits as how to make walking an all-inclusive activity.

A few things to consider.
• If you can’t manage 30 minutes a day, start off by doing as much walking as you possibly can then improve from then on.
• Walking with others can make exercise an enjoyable social activity.
• Remember to be safe if you choose to walk alone.
• See a doctor for a medical check-up before starting any new fitness program.
• Remember to stay hydrated before and after your walk. If you are walking for long, take water with you.

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