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The No. 1 Secret of Confident Women

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Confidence is one of the most desired traits in our society. I mean who would not want to have all the confidence in the world? People who are confident have more career success, build better relationships and have the all round self-assurance to turn their dreams into reality. Here is how you can achieve this too.

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The no. 1 secret that a confident woman has above all else is a vision for her life.

Have a vision

Where do you see yourself in 5 years? This old interview question is a little cliché but you need to know the answer to it in order to be a much more confident woman. If you have never really given it much thought then now is a good time to do so. Where do you want to live? How much money would you like to make? Where do you see your relationships? Do you want to have kids? Here is help to find your vision.



Write down your vision clearly and down to the details. This is your life; it can only move in the direction you steer it. So do not let anything become vague about the distant future. Make a list of what you want – write down your vision and all the things, experiences and people that make it up. You can also create a vision board where you make a collage of all the things you desire. You will become much more efficient and feel more self-assured when you have everything on paper instead of just floating in your head.


Now that you have your vision in writing your key to happiness will be setting goals that will help you to realise it. This will show you what it will take to reach your aspirations. If you want to earn a higher salary then your goals may involve putting in more hours at work, asking for a promotion or even starting over somewhere else. The lessons and experiences you have while you are working towards getting what you want are what will build you up into a better and more self-assured person.


Be a woman of action! At the end of the day nothing will improve if you do not actively make your vision happen. This will even affect your daily habits because there will be those you will have to lose as well as develop in order to get to where you want. If you want to earn more money in five years then you may have to develop a better sleep schedule in order to be able to become more productive at work. Determination is a very important part of taking action because you will have to work towards your vision over some time to see results.

Confidence is important in life especially when we intend to be happy and successful. The one thing that confident women have is a clear vision for their lives. This is the major secret to improved self- esteem, which comes from achieving your dreams and living the life you know you are truly capable of.

Written by Noma Mtebele

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