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10 Makeup Disasters You MUST Avoid

Bad make up

When makeup is done right, the results are amazing. The ability to completely transform ones face by enhancing and highlighting your best features is great however, makeup done incorrectly can have disastrous results. Here’s 10 Makeup Disasters You MUST Avoid

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Here is a list of TEN makeup mistakes you should never make:

1. Raccoon Eyes

Too much eyeliner will not bring out the colour of your eyes but it will make you look like a sad panda. The racoon look is not good and needs to be avoided. Opt for less eyeliner and if you do not possess the skill, don’t go all around your eye. Keep it simple and clean.

2. No Eyebrows

Don’t forget to fill in your eyebrows. A good brow can do more for your whole look than any other makeup application. Get a good pencil or powder and try to perfect (to the best of your ability) filling in your eyebrows, it will make an amazing difference.

3. Draw In Eyebrows

Those thin Nike tick drawn-in eyebrows are so bad. Don’t shave off your brows only to draw in terrible ones, also do not over-fill your eyebrows.

4. Cake Face

Ease up on the foundation. If you do have bad skin, plastering on foundation will not really hide the imperfections. Try to find a good routine to follow that will give you clearer skin or get medical help. Using too much foundation not only looks unnatural, but it also can clog up your pores, which can lead to breakouts.

5. White Lips

A nude lip is great when contrasting a heavy eye, but you need to be careful how nude you want to go. Pale dead looking lips are sad – try to avoid pale shimmery lip colours too, no one looks good in them.

6. Contrasting Lip Liner

Why this was ever a trend, is mind numbing actually. Lining your lip with a liner that is darker than your lipstick is trashy and… you know this!

7. Bad Blush

Bright blush look is outdated and clownish. Try using a colour that will look natural to your skin tone and make sure you are applying the blush correctly. Always on the apples of you cheeks and back to your ear.

8. Finger Application

Using your fingers to apply face cream or to moisturise your lips is fine. You should never apply eye shadow, or blush or anything that requires some finesse with your fingers because they will only appears smudged and untidy looking. Makeup is an art so be sure to invest in some good application brushes.

9. Lipstick Teeth

This happens to everyone, like having spinach in your teeth. The best way to avoid this is to ask a friend to check your teeth or keep a small mirror with you so you can check yourself.

10. Floppy False Eyelashes

Bambi eyelashes are lovely but over applying mascara and having too long falsies make you look ridiculous. Make sure you use just enough mascara to give enough volume to your lashes and if you are going to have false lashes put in, make sure it is as natural looking as possible.

Don’t feel bad, if you have committed any of these makeup offences you can make right and learn from your mistakes by learning how to properly apply makeup to make yourself even more beautiful than what you already are!

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