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10 Ways to Stay Healthy This Winter


Winter is upon us which means it the return of flu and colds season.  Stay healthy this winter by applying these simple tips to prevent rather and improve your body’s immune system.

1. Eat nutrient rich foods.
Indulge in foods packed with essential fats, vitamins and minerals. Fruits and vegetables as well as lean meats are the best way to keep your body clean and healthy. Try eating super foods such as: Garlic, Dark green vegetables, Grapefruit, Kiwi etc.

2. Drink teas.
Green tea and chamomile tea can help strengthen your immune system. Even the South African favourite – Rooibos- can help with boosting the immune system. The effects may not always be maximal but you win anyway health wise. These teas are loaded with powerful antioxidants, unique to each tea and it’s a great way to keep warm too.

3. Don’t eat processed food.
Avoid eating processed meats, fried foods, and soft drinks, foods that are artificially sweetened and chemically enhanced as well as foods made with refined sugars. These tasty, but toxic foods suppress the immune system and force your body to work harder putting it under stress.

4. Stay hydrated.
During the winter its essential that you drink the optimal amount of water daily. Water helps to produce lymph’s, which are carriers of white blood cells as well as other immune system cells. C.

5. Be active.
Not only does exercise help with weight loss, it’s also assists in improving your sleep, making your body stronger, improving your mood and most importantly- boosting the immune system. Light exercise such as gentle walking or yoga or any sorts of exercise that will make you feel better. Remember; don’t do any sort of strenuous exercise if you are unable to, be it due to sickness or injury.

6. Stress less.
According to studies, stress can contribute to weakening your immune system. That means your body is a lot more susceptible to sickness. Make sure that you are not too physically or emotionally stressed and remember to enjoy life with family and loved ones. Your body will that you for it.

7. Keep your hands clean.
Wash your hands with warm water and soap to keep viruses and bacteria away from mouth and eyes when needed to. During the winter germs spread around at what seems like exponential rates so you need to be as hygienic as possible. Keep a bottle of hand sanitizer with you for those times you can’t get to soap and water.

8. Bask in the sun .
During winter you will find that most people are Vitamin D deficient. Symptoms of vitamin d deficiency range from diarrhoea and headaches to severe joint pain. Vitamin D is vital to helping strengthen our immune system, so be sure to get outside daily for about 30 minutes and enjoy our South African sun filled winters.

9. Get your beauty sleep.
6 to 8 hours of sleep daily will prevent you feeling fatigued, which is said to increase the risk of catching illnesses. Your body needs time to recharge and sleep is the only way to get that.

10. Get familiar with Probiotics.
These friendly bacteria are essential in enhancing the levels of good organisms in your intestines. They provide defence against pathogens from the things you ingest.  Since about 80% of our immune system is positioned in our digestive system, keeping it healthy is important to keep a strong immune system. Probiotics can be found in whole and fermented foods, such as yogurt, kombucha or in the form of supplements.

So there you have it 10 ways to assist your body in preventing sickness and improving your immune system to make sure you stay healthy this winter.

Busi Nhlapo

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