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12 Tips for Safe Driving When Pregnant

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Being pregnant brings about plenty of changes and that means having to make adjustments to the way you live. Since most mothers-to-be are working career women, having to live a normal, mobile and active life is important. Here are 12 tips for safe driving when pregnant:

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Pregnant drivers may drive for as long as they feel comfortable to do so, but should always try to avoid any situation that may cause any sort of stress.

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If you are a mother-to-be or know of any expectant mothers that might be averse to the idea of driving while pregnant, these tips will offer safety suggestions that are simple to follow so that you may be able to maintain the mobility you have been used to.

Guidelines for pregnant drivers:

• Make sure that you have enough room (approximately 10 cm) between the steering wheel and your stomach.

• If your car has an adjustable steering wheel, adjust it so that you can have the best control of your car.

• As uncomfortable as it may be in the latter stages of your pregnancy, wearing a seat belt is extremely important for your safety and your unborn baby.

• Make sure you place the lower part of the seat belt below your stomach, never directly on or above it.

• Always have some back support like a rolled up blanket or sweat top or a small pillow and place it by your lower back.

• Avoid driving alone particularly in the final stages of your pregnancy.

• Since foot and ankle swelling is common with pregnancy, wearing comfortable shoes that will allow space and drive-ability.

• When stopped in traffic, try to do some exercises like wiggling your toes, move your feet, rotate your ankles, and stretch your back.

• Always make sure that your cellphone is charged so that you can make call in case of emergency.

• In hot weather, always stay hydrated and wear clothes with good breathe ability.

• In cold weather, wear warm clothing and that your car is heated well enough to ensure your comfortably.

• If you might be suffering from morning sickness, try to avoid driving but if you have to drive somewhere, ginger tea or crystalised ginger is great remedy for nausea.

Ultimately, if possible, try travel with someone else driving. Your safety is always top priority.

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